August 16, 2019
Jordyn Woods Looks Smoking Hot In Barely-There Bra & Spandex Leggings

Jordyn Woods's gym-ready body is killing it these days.

The model and former best friend to Kylie Jenner appeared in an Instagram photo posted to her SECNDNTURE athleisure wear account earlier this week.

Suffice to say that this 21-year-old has proved to be the perfect brand ambassador. Jordyn looked fierce and sexy in her photo, although there was no denying that the curves on this girl are backed by just as much muscle.

Jordyn's photo showed herself in selfie mode. The entrepreneur was modeling her merch from a gym setting, with equipment in the background suggesting Woods might have interrupted her workout to take the shot.

The brunette flashed her fit frame while wearing the caption-mentioned gear. Fans were alerted to the clothing being showcased for its "rib support," although the sports bra had a barely-there feel. The star's ample cleavage was on show via the minimal upper, although Jordyn herself didn't seem out to flaunt her assets in a provocative way.

Jordyn's look was color-coordinated in all black. The star paired her sports bra with skin-tight leggings in matching hues. Black workout gloves added a little pizzazz.

Jordyn posed for her selfie by producing a cute pout that appeared to be sending her followers a kiss. However, her agenda was very much geared toward getting fans to stock up their online carts.

Fan responses definitely seemed to suggest a positive response. While some users confirmed they would be placing orders, others simply sent Woods the thumbs-up for looking so great.

This star is a known regular in the gym. If it isn't the paparazzi snapping Jordyn as she leaves a workout venue, the star herself will often update her social media straight from a sweat session.

Jordyn's name may still find itself linked to Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson because of the model's alleged February cheating scandal. However, Woods herself -- and most of the world -- seems to have moved on.

The model's career is flourishing in terms of her business ventures, public appearances and social media following, with many fans feeling that Jordyn has come into her own since becoming alienated from the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

SECNDNTURE seems to be Jordyn's biggest success.

Speaking to Fashionista about founding the popular apparel line, the model revealed what inspired her to start the company.

"At the end of last year, I went through a lot of different things and I lost my dad; working out became my therapy and through working out I realized that there was a huge demand for quality activewear that wasn't going to break the bank."