August 16, 2019
Kristin Cavallari Goes Topless On The Beach After Being Body-Shamed On Instagram

Kristin Cavallari is going topless on the beach yet again despite some mean social media comments this week.

According to The Daily Mail, Kristin Cavallari was photographed as she posed completely topless in the sand for a brand-new photo shoot.

In the photos, the former Laguna Beach star is seen with her feet in the ocean as she uses her arms to hug herself and cover her bare chest.

Cavallari also wears a pair of teeny tiny, white bikini bottoms and a see-through, netted skirt for the photos. Kristin's blonde hair was parted down the side and styled in loose, wet strands that fell down her back, over her shoulders, and in her face.

The reality star also donned a minimal makeup look for the sexy snapshots, which included darkened eyebrows, thick lashes, a bronzed glow, and a light pink lip.

Cavallari's photo shoot was likely to promote her jewelry line, Uncommon James, as she accessorized with tons of gold chains and pendants around her neck, multiple gold bracelets on her wrist, and rings on her fingers. She also sported gold earrings to complete the look.

In the pictures, Kristin's tiny waist, curvy backside, long, lean legs, and toned abs are all on display.

The photos surfaced just one day after Kristin Cavallari was body-shamed by some social media users after posting more racy photos to her Instagram account.

According to The NY Post, Kristin's recent photos sparked a firestorm of comments about her thin frame from fans in the comment section.

"When eating 'healthy' makes you look sick, maybe it's time to eat a little unhealthy. A grown woman with the body of a 10-year-old boy is not normal. The camera adds 10 pounds, so she must really look like she's on her death bed," one social media user wrote.

"OMG looking hungry as always. F–ing Skeletor. You don't even eat," a second rude comment read.

However, not everyone was there to bash the reality star in the comments. One fan called out the haters for body-shaming the mother of three.

"I am so tired of grown women thinking the comment section is an appropriate place to body shame and disrespect other women. It's really disgusting that with all the negative things going on in our country you feel the need to anonymously add your beatdown of a beautiful, successful woman," the fans stated.

Meanwhile, fans can see more of Kristin Cavallari's sexy photos by following the former Hills star on Instagram.