Iskra Lawrence Shares GIF Of Herself Shaking Her Booty In Yoga Pants

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Iskra Lawrence is not just known for her quest for more body positivity but also for her fun and silly personality. With that in mind, it’s not too surprising that the blonde beauty shared to Instagram a gif of herself shaking her booty while wearing a pink yoga set ensemble.

Born in the United Kingdom, Iskra has since moved to the United States following her hugely successful modeling career. In addition to being the brand ambassador for Aerie, the intimates line of American Eagle, Iskra has also nabbed contracts with L’Oreal and Adore Me. On the side, she continues to be a voice for promoting wellness and body love.

In the silly clip, the plus-size model wore dark pink yoga pants and paired it with a lighter millennial pink sports bra. Pink is the theme of the gif, as she also sports pink cheeks — though it is unclear whether it is blush or just a natural flush from exercising — and is posed in front of a pink wall. Otherwise, her face is bare and her hair is styled in a simple ponytail.

In the clip, she cheekily wiggles her pert posterior while looking back over her shoulder at the camera. Midway through the gif, she opens her mouth in mock-shock. Iskra posted the gif to celebrate her gym gains and jokingly located herself in Gainesville, Georgia.

The clip earned over 122,000 likes and over 800 comments.

“I was ready for this jelly (I love you forever if you got this),” one fan wrote, referencing the Destiny’s Child song “Bootylicious.”

“Heheheh of course I got that Kayla,” Iskra returned.

“I’M LIVING FOR THESE! LOVE THIS,” gushed another fan with a red heart.

“Forever helping me feel confident about being me. You’re everything,” confessed another user, with the tears down the face emoji as well as a red heart.

Iskra may have needed a lighthearted post after writing a heartfelt message earlier this week about the predatory nature of the modeling industry. In the post, Iskra put an image of herself as a 13-year-old entering the modeling world next to a shot of herself from current times. The older picture shows a much slimmer Iskra donned in black lingerie despite barely being a teenager. By contrast, the current photo shows Iskra looking fuller-figured but empowered, as she models a bright orange bikini.

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Why did I sign the #Time4RESPECT letter created by @modelallianceny ? Because I am one of the lucky ones... The young me on the left entering into the model industry at 13, survived. 16 years later and I have heard far too many stories of sexual, physical and mental abuse within the fashion industry. It’s a seemingly glamorous job that I adore and work my arse off everyday the last 16years to succeed in. Yes it’s our choice to enter into this world but just like every other industry it’s workers deserve protection. Protection from predators, especially when many of the girls are very young, far away from family and friends and often don’t speak the language of the country they live in. I know of girls who came from huts in Siberia and were lured to Asia by agents who promised them lucrative modelling careers and would be able to change their whole families lives - only to find out they owed the agencies money and had their passports taken so they were trapped and then forced to be on diets that almost killed them. I have been in situations myself where a photographer attempted to touch my bra and I immediately made sure he knew that was unacceptable. Yet later I hear the same photographer offered to take another model I knew home and started touching her leg in the car. I was also told at 15 that you could tell I was a virgin as I didn’t have enough sex appeal behind my eyes???? But luckily because of my parents own experiences of abuse they taught me from a young age to make sure I removed myself from potential situations that could put me in danger or compromising positions. I’m aware that’s not always possible and that HAS TO CHANGE. To everyone reading this ARE YOU A PREDATOR OR A PROTECTOR? It’s not on potential victims to live in fear (even though we have to always be self aware and know how to protect ourselves) we need to educate everyone to know what boundaries are, right and wrong, values and that it’s never ever ok to take advantage, abuse, rape or hurt anyone. Thank you for reading if you got this far. Sending my love to all you survivors and those who are still healing❤️

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In the caption, Iskra lamented the rampant sexual assault in the industry and pledged her allegiance to a petition created by Model Alliance New York which sought to create more protections for underage models.

The post earned nearly 309,000 likes and over 2,000 comments.