August 16, 2019
Alleged Epstein Collaborator Ghislaine Maxwell Ducked Notoriety For A Decade, Reportedly Changing Residences

Ghislaine Maxwell, an alleged co-conspirator of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, recently lived in a quiet Massachusetts town known as Manchester-by-the-Sea. Over the last decade, Maxwell proved difficult to track down, as she reportedly lived in various locations across the world, according to a report published by The Washington Post on Friday.

A woman in New York filed a lawsuit against Maxwell claiming that she and three other unnamed women recruited and groomed girls for Epstein, per The Washington Post.

The 57-year-old alleged Epstein accomplice had reportedly been difficult to locate for years. Police reportedly attempted to interview Maxwell during their 2007 investigation into Epstein, but they were unsuccessful in finding her at the time. In the decade that followed, Maxwell allegedly settled in several countries around the world, including drifting between residences in London, New York, Paris, and on various boats in the Caribbean, as reported by The Washington Post.

In recent years, Maxwell reportedly lived in a quiet shore town made famous by the 2016 film of the same name, starring Academy-Award winner Casey Affleck.

Maxwell has reportedly been described as the coordinator of a previous sex trafficking operation involving Epstein, who pleaded guilty to state charges in exchange for a plea deal that halted a federal investigation. The plea deal allowed Epstein, who had notable connections that included former President Bill Clinton and current President Donald Trump, to get away with minimal jail time as part of a work-release program, per NBC News.

On Monday, Maxwell was spotted in Los Angeles eating at an In-N-Out burger restaurant just two days after Epstein reportedly committed suicide in his jail cell in New York. He was set to stand trial on federal sex trafficking charges.

According to a report from Business Insider, Maxwell was spotted with a milkshake, another beverage, a single-patty burger and an order of plain fries. Business Insider reported that Maxwell's burger run was significant because the alleged Epstein co-conspirator appeared to be ready to be photographed by onlookers as she ate outside the California restaurant, reading a book titled The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives.

Per a previous report from The Inquisitr, Maxwell allegedly told someone who approached her that she believed it would be the last time she was able to eat at the California burger joint. As The Inquisitir noted, Maxwell has not been publicly photographed since an appearance in 2016.