August 16, 2019
David Schwimmer's Look-Alike Beer Thief Jailed, Twitter Crumbles Under Ross Geller Memes

David Schwimmer is back in the news. The Friends star made major headlines by proxy at the end of last year: CCTV photos of a store thief bearing a striking resemblance to the 52-year-old went viral, with fans nearly losing their minds over what appeared to be the Ross Geller actor's look-alike.

As The Daily Mail reports, Abdulah Husseini has now been jailed for nine months following a string of legal offenses. His September store theft in Blackpool, U.K., saw him shoplift cans of beer in the country's well-known Iceland grocery chain, although the newspaper reports the 36-year-old as also having stolen a credit card from a customer in an all-you-can-eat buffet. The card appears to have factored into Husseini's beer theft, as the purchases were made after he swiped the card.

Fuss on social media is less about Husseini and more about the fact that Schwimmer's look-alike is back in the news.

Responses on Twitter seem to have brought out Friends fans in full force, with many simply unable to stop themselves from posting some of Ross Geller's most epic moments. The famous fist pump seen throughout the series was shared. Ross' "Unagi" moment, which fans of the much-loved sitcom will remember Schwimmer referencing his Japanese-centric philosophies as a form of enlightenment, was also seen.

Fans also seemed quick to make Ross-related puns.

"The One Where He Went To Jail. I thought me and the law were on a break!" one fan wrote.

Given that the series' episodes were named "The One With/When...," the comment seemed fitting. Of course, the Ross and Rachel Green "break" that saw Schwimmer and co-star Jennifer Aniston battle their on-screen relationship out remains one of the sitcom's most well-known phrases.

"Russ," one fan stated with what was likely a reference to the Ross/Russ episode that featured a look-alike scenario.

"He signed a confession, 18 pages, FRONT AND BACK!" was another comment.

Once again, anyone familiar with the beach house episode featuring Rachel's long letter to Ross will have picked up on that one.

As The Inquisitr reported in October of last year, Schwimmer himself took to social media when the news broke. The actor parodied the CCTV theft via a video (seen above) with an amusing caption confirming that he wasn't the thief.

It looks like this former sitcom superstar can generate an entire social media response without even doing anything himself. Friends fans will, however, be pleased to learn that Schwimmer has posted old series throwbacks to his Instagram, although the account itself is relatively empty.