LeAnn Rimes Gets Flirty With Husband Eddie Cibrian In Cleavage-Baring Dress

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian posed for an adorable social media photo this week, and her fans loved it.

On Friday, LeAnn Rimes shared a picture of herself and her husband, Eddie Cibrian getting flirty on Instagram.

In the sexy snapshot, the country music singer is seen wearing a very low-cut, pink dress with skimpy ruffled straps. The ensemble flaunted Rimes' ample cleavage and toned arms.

LeAnn had her long, blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail behind her head and styled in loose curls that fell down her back. She also wore a full face of makeup for the picture, which included darkened eyebrows, thick lashes, pink blush on her cheeks, a shimmering highlighter, and a light pink color on her lips.

The singer accessorized with a pair of large, gold hoop earrings as she closed her eyes and turned her head toward her husband with her lips puckered.

Eddie wore a plain, short-sleeved, gray t-shirt and had his salt-and-pepper hair slicked back as he also puckered his lips toward LeAnn and sported a pair of dark, stylish sunglasses.

In the caption of the photo, the singer reveals that the photo was taken backstage in Texas, likely before she was set to perform.

According to Herald Extra, LeAnn Rimes recently opened up about performing and what she hopes to leave her fans with after she hits the stage.

"I hope people leave with a smile on their face, that they know they are loved and in turn extend love to others. I hope they walk out feeling lighter and more joyful than when they walked in," Rimes stated.

The singer also went on to dish about her work in a recent Hallmark Channel Christmas movie, revealing that she loved the experience and that she would love to more projects with the network.

"I would love to do more films and do more with Hallmark. They were an amazing partner for It's Christmas, Eve. That project was a passion project for me; I had always wanted to do a movie that had music intertwined in it, but not necessarily in an assuming way. It was so fun to shoot, Christmas is my favorite time of the year," Rimes added.

Meanwhile, fans can see more of LeAnn Rimes' life, including her career and performances, and her marriage with Eddie Cibrian by following the country music singer on her social media accounts.