August 16, 2019
Australian Instagram Model Madi Edwards Shows Off Her Rock-Hard Physique In White Lingerie

It may be winter Down Under, but Australian model Madi Edwards is still heating up Instagram.

This week, the popular model shared a revealing post showing off her rock-hard physique in white lingerie. The Instagram picture was a smash hit with Madi's close to 700,000 followers, prompting many fans to offer plenty of praise.

"You look amazing," one fan wrote.

"Seriously you are perfect," another commented.

Though the Southern Hempishere country of Australia is deep into their coldest season, that factor has not seemed to stop Madi from enjoying her home country's warmer climates. She has been sharing a number of revealing photos by the ocean, while lounging on the beach and while taking in the sun.

The Brisbane native continues to make a name for herself as an Instagram model thanks to her incredible physique and penchant for sharing very revealing photos.

Even though Madi has been catching up to more established names regarding the number of followers, her feed was popular enough to catch the attention of Esquire. The magazine placed her on a list of the top 29 Instagram models, any one of whom could be the potential heir apparent to Instagram superstar Emily Ratajkowski, herself very well versed in sharing revealing snaps online.

While Madi has a way to go before reaching EmRata's stature, the Australian very actively pushes forward with her career as a model. Aside from many sponsored photos she shares online --- including the white lingerie snap this week, which promoted Bali Body tanning --- Madi launched her own swimwear line.

However, becoming a famous Instagram model is not always so great, Madi explained. As her follower base rapidly expands, she has picked up a number of overzealous fans

"I get a lot of Instagram DMs asking me to send them my used socks," she recently told Maxim via the Daily Mail.

"I get these in my Instagram DMs all the time. The worst one I've received would have to be, 'The boys and I discussed you are a nine out of 10. I'm the perfect one for you — with us together we could be the perfect 10.' Literally word for word. As if!"

Madi Edwards does appear to be enjoying the benefits of being a rising Instagram star. She frequently visits sun-soaked locales for her photo shoots, both across her native Australia and abroad.Those who want to see revealing snaps from Madi Edwards can check out her Instagram feed.