August 16, 2019
Jeffrey Epstein Spent 2 Hours Alone With 'Young, Pretty' Woman In Locked Jail Lawyer's Room, 'Forbes' Reports

Just one day after he was taken off of suicide watch status in the federal Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City, Jeffrey Epstein was given two hours alone in a locked room with an unidentified young woman, according to a report by Forbes Magazine online. The room is reserved for use by attorneys to confer with their inmate clients, but whether the woman was a member of Epstein's legal team remains unknown.

Epstein, 66, was convicted in 2008 of sexual contact with an underage girl, but prosecutors had identified as many as 36 young women and girls who had been sexually attacked by Epstein, according to an extensive Miami Herald investigation. Some of the girls were as young as 14 years old.

Epstein was given an unusually lenient sentence of just 13 months in prison, most of the time served on "work release" in his own business office. But during those work release hours, Epstein reportedly met at least one woman with whom he had sexual contact in his office, as CNBC reported.

While there is no allegation that Epstein and the unidentified woman seen with him in the jail facility on July 30 were engaged in improper conduct, there remains no information about what the two were doing together, according to a New York Post account.

Jeffrey Epstein poses for a mug shot.
Getty Images | Florida Department of Law Enforcement
The mysteries around the final days of Jeffrey Epstein (pictured) only deepened on Thursday.

"The optics were startling. Because she was young. And pretty," a witness who saw Epstein and the woman at the facility told Forbes.

Epstein spent as many as eight hours per day conferring with his attorneys in the jail, likely as a means to avoid confinement in his cell, according to a National Public Radio report. But on the day that Epstein was seen with the unidentified woman, none of his lawyers were observed in the facility, according to the witness, another attorney who was in the facility on July 30.

The witness said that the woman may have been a member of Epstein's legal team, but she appeared to bring no paperwork or files, and was not dressed in professional attire but rather appeared as if she were out for "Sunday brunch."

The woman wore casual slacks or jeans and a blouse, according to the witness's statements to Forbes. July 30 was a Tuesday.

"I think she was there just to babysit him," the witness said. "Which is not supposed to be the way it works."

The well-connected Epstein — who claimed numerous famous and powerful friends including Donald Trump and former President Bill Clinton — died in his cell on August 10, in what authorities initially described as an "apparent suicide."

But as The Inquisitr reported, the medical examiner who performed Epstein's autopsy said that she needed "further information" before determining a cause of death, and leaked reports say that Epstein suffered broken bones in his neck that occur more frequently in strangulation murders than in suicides by hanging.