August 16, 2019
Kris Jenner, 63 Caught Having Her Butt Squeezed By 38-Year-Old Boyfriend Corey Gamble In Paparazzi Yacht Pics

Kris Jenner has zero problems with dating a much younger man. The 63-year-0ld is in a long-term relationship with 38-year-old Corey Gamble, with most fans on-board with the whole thing. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star seems happier than ever with Gamble. In fact, recent paparazzi photos seem to prove the youthful feel of this relationship is alive and well.

Photos published by The Daily Mail today showed the "momager" and her man aboard a yacht in glitzy Monaco. The newspaper managed to get Kris' age wrong by three years, but its photos didn't fail to deliver a reminder regarding her happiness.

The Daily Mail's snaps may have been trumped by photos from Splash News, though. The media outlet updated its Instagram today with a set of images from the same outing, with the fourth photo showed Jenner taking part in a fun yet slightly compromising moment.

In the image, Kris stood aboard the vessel wearing a stylish newspaper-print shirt and shorts. Corey appeared from behind his girlfriend with what appeared to be an opportunity he couldn't resist. He placed both hands on Kris's rear in what was clearly a bit of a squeeze. The photo seemed to be light-hearted but definitely noticed.

Comments left on Splash News's update appeared to prove many among their fanbase had honed in on the butt squeeze.

"Ohhhh sh*t what's going on in the 4th pic," one fan asked jokingly.

"Just lending some support!" Splash News replied.

"What's up with the 4th pic" was another comment.

"Sorry hon but gotta read some news off your *ss," a fan amusingly stated with what was likely a reference to Kris' outfit.

Kris has made no secret about the fact that Corey might be the one. As ET Online reports, the star has called Gamble her "ride or die."

However, Corey's presence in Jenner's life has caused controversy in the family. Season 16 of Keeping Up With The Kardashians covered Kris' daughters analyzing the relationship, with Khloe voicing concern because the family does not know much about Gamble. In the same scene, Kim's husband Kanye West, seemed to infer the same thought.

Generally though, the E! show's clan has accepted that Kris and Corey are here to stay. As most fans know, Kris had not been in a committed relationship for a while before she started dating Corey. She was formerly married to the late Robert Kardashian and she was also married to Bruce Jenner, who is now Caitlyn Jenner.

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