August 16, 2019
Miley Cyrus' Bobbing Pills & Alcohol Bottles Slammed, Post-Split Song Blasted By Perez Hilton & Own Fans

Miley Cyrus' marriage may have collapsed, but the 26-year-old isn't done delivering music that speaks her mind. As The Inquisitr reported earlier today, the SHE IS COMING singer has just dropped "Slide Away," and the song has largely been interpreted as being about the star's split from actor Liam Hemsworth less than one week ago.

Given the brief time frame that Miley had to knock out the tune, fans may well forgive the singer for not having accompanied it with a music video. Miley has, however, delivered some imagery with the new drop. The image of pills and bottles of alcohol in pool waters appeared on the official YouTube audio for the song. They've also appeared in video-enhanced and bobbing form on the singer's Instagram, where celebrities and fans have been responding.

It looks like the response is placing Miley under significant backlash, although replies weren't exclusively slamming.

Blogger and media personality Perez Hilton swooped in with a comment racking up over 630 likes in six hours.

"If Liam does have an issue with booze and pills, I think that was his story to share. Not yours!"
The backlash seemed to come from Miley's own fans, too.

"If you love him, stop making songs about him. The man is destroyed and humiliated. Leave him alone," a popular comment read.

"You know, just push the knife in a little deeper while he's still hurting," another added before suggesting that the singer should have taken the relatively-silent route that Hemsworth has since the August 10 breakup announcement.

"Trying to make money from your breakup...pretty low," a user remarked with many others agreeing.

Miley's Instagram post appeared to have brought members of her own family into the comments section, although this batch of comments stuck by the singer. Sister Brandi left positive words, although these didn't come without controversy. When a fan accused Brandi of "clout chasing" her sibling, mom Tish swooped in.

"Please keep your nasty comments to yourself," Tish wrote.

Tish's reply alone racked up over 5,190 likes.

The overall response to Miley's update did, indeed, seem very mixed. While countless fans praised the singer for opening up so quickly after her split, others didn't seem so sure. Miley's breakup has proven controversial by virtue of the singer being photographed making out with Brody Jenner's ex, Kaitlynn Carter, in the days after announcing the news. More recently, headlines have centered around allegations of drug use and infidelity from both Liam and Miley, although these came from anonymous sources and appeared to be nothing more than rumors.

Miley's new song was called a "masterpiece" by one fan and "beautiful" by another. Then again, the singer was also dubbed a "filthy addict," with another calling her release a "joke."