August 16, 2019
Britney Spears Sparks Psychological Fears In Latest Instagram Pic

Britney Spears has sparked concern. The "Toxic" singer's Instagram activity has been interesting over the past few days. While Britney hasn't shown her face in any of her updates, she has delivered more posts than are usually seen in the space of 24 hours, alongside harnessing an unusual and whimsical style.

For a quick backtrack, Britney took to Instagram yesterday with a high-heeled and snakeskin Christian Louboutin shoe. The mentioned $6,000 price tag and admission to never having worn the footwear caused a stir, per The Daily Mail, although things appear to have moved on.

Following the shoe, Britney posted a beautiful photo of a rose. She used only a flower emoji for her caption.

The 37-year-old's most recent post showed a pink pastel piano with an empty seat in front of it. A caption that seemed to play on the words of the instrument's use accompanied the photo. While many of Britney's fans adored the carefree feel, others seemed worried over Britney's psychological state.

"What's happening with your Instagram?" was a popular comment likely referring to the prior rose and shoe, plus this post.

A fan replied with a suggestion that boyfriend Sam Asghari has left the singer before adding that the star is "losing it more and more."

"Insert predictable peasant comment here questioning her sanity...." another user wrote.

"R u okay hun?" one fan asked.

The bulk of responses appeared to show the star's diehard fans backing her. Britney's fanbase is now so dedicated, anything this icon posts will generate an uncontrollable influx of inside jokes, song quotes, and the "skinny needle" reference Britney herself used earlier this year. Nonetheless, the comment questioning what is "going on" with her social media proved to be one of the most upvoted, with many replies launched.

"WTF are these kinds of posts Britney?" was one question.

Britney's social media posts have had her fans worried before. June saw The Inquisitr document fan concern after Britney took to social media with a somewhat bizarre post from her closet. Despite the recent wave of concerning posts, most of this singer's fans seem reassured that the mother of two is mostly doing okay. Britney has braved opening up about her bipolar disorder diagnosis, although interest in the star's hospitalization at a mental health facility earlier this year likely came less-welcomed.

Britney has since been released, with Instagram updates showing an active lifestyle, plenty of family time, plus the star appearing to be happy with Asghari.

As Vogue reported in April, Britney has herself addressed fan concerns with video reassurance that she is doing just fine.

Fans wishing to see more of Britney should follow the star's Instagram account.