August 16, 2019
'Honey Boo Boo' Star Mama June Shannon Holds Odd Garage Sale With Beau Geno Doak, Seemingly Desperate For Cash

Things seem to be getting worse by the day for reality television star "Mama June" Shannon. The star of From Not to Hot and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has been estranged from her teen daughter Alana Thompson for a while now, reportedly due to her alleged addiction issues and her determination to remain in a relationship with troubled boyfriend Geno Doak. Now the pair was spotted holding a garage sale at her place in Georgia and the situation seemed rather odd.

TMZ shares the scoop and a video from Mama June and Geno's attempts to sell off some of the few belongings she seemingly still had in her Georgia home. They share that Shannon had listed some of her items for sale via Facebook Marketplace, and some curious folks decided to head to her home to check it all out.

The video, which does contain some expletives from Geno, shows the two excitedly talking about what seems to be a massage chair they are trying to sell. They appear to be in the living room and dining room area of her Georgia home, but it is nearly empty other than a television mounted on the wall.

Another part of the video shows a bedroom of the home that is a complete disaster. It seems that June was showing some purses or other items she was looking to sell, and it was clear that a lot of other valuables had already been cleared out.

Items Shannon posted for sale included a wide assortment of things such as a car repair manual, pieces of furniture, dolls, baby items, and hanger racks. Apparently, Mama June and Geno were also trying to sell the only bed that remained in her Hampton, Georgia, house.

The Honey Boo Boo star looked to be in pretty rough shape in the video. She was clutching a wad of cash and had her hair pulled into a messy ponytail. Shannon's teeth are damaged, and she's had them this way for a while now, neglecting to get them repaired.

Apparently, some people who visited the home said they saw what appeared to be syringes or needles strewn around the home. Mama June's relationship with Geno and allegations of domestic abuse and drug abuse are at the heart of why she's currently estranged from Alana and her other daughters.

If there were needles and other signs of drug paraphernalia around the house, that would seem to reinforce other recent reports suggesting that June has chosen Geno and their current lifestyle over getting help and reuniting with Alana.

Luckily, Alana seems to be doing relatively well living away from Mama June. She's currently with her older sister "Pumpkin," along with Pumpkin's husband and baby.

What will it take for Mama June Shannon to clean up her act and reunite with her daughters? Will she reach a point where she chooses them over boyfriend Geno Doak, and can she overcome her legal troubles and alleged drug addiction issues? Honey Boo Boo fans are concerned about this ongoing downward spiral and worry about how much worse things may get.