'Teen Mom 2' Star Chelsea Houska Looks Stunning In Cozy 'Take It Easy' Sweater and Leopard-Print Pants

Chelsea Houska is a Teen Mom 2 fan favorite, and a lot of fans love her style. The mom of three occasionally takes to her social media to show off some fabulous outfits. On Thursday, Chelsea took to her Instagram Stories to model two new outfits, and she looked absolutely stunning in both of them.

In the first outfit, Chelsea modeled a pair of jeans and a basic orange shirt. The jeans Chelsea wore were slightly distressed, but the reality show star showed off the fact that they weren't normal distressed jeans. Chelsea revealed leopard-print material underneath the distressing, which peeked through the holes, giving the jeans a fun and unique look.

Chelsea then modeled the second outfit, which was a white, oversized sweatshirt that read "Take it easy." The mom of three paired the comfy sweatshirt with leopard-print capri pants. In the caption of the photo, Chelsea wrote, "stay cozy."

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Chelsea will be releasing her own clothing line with Laurie Belles, the boutique clothing store that she models fun outfits from. The owner of the store spoke to OK! Magazine about the upcoming line, which is set to roll out at the end of August.

"We will be releasing one style in multiple colors to start in August. The following months through December we have two styles per month being released through Chelsea's Collection [with] much more in the works for 2020."
The clothing line with Laurie Belles isn't the only collaboration that Chelsea is involved with, though. The Teen Mom 2 star and her husband, Cole DeBoer, recently collaborated with Itzy Ritzy. The couple's unique style is incorporated into a line of diaper bags, stroller caddies and other items for parents.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Cole and Chelsea recently attended a spectacular launch party for their collection. The launch party was complete with a special love song -- "South Dakota Sunrise" -- for the couple.

Chelsea Houska was introduced to fans on her Season 2 episode of 16 and Pregnant. She found out she was pregnant with her oldest daughter on the show. Following the one-hour special, Chelsea was picked to continue sharing her story on the spin-off Teen Mom 2. She has been sharing her story for nearly a decade and has recently been filming for Season 9B. An airdate for the new season has not been revealed. Until then, fans can catch up with Teen Mom OG, which airs Monday nights on MTV.