August 16, 2019
Ariel Winter Wears No Makeup To Pose With Adorable Rescue Pups

Actress Ariel Winter has grown up in front of the camera playing brainiac Alex Dunphy on the comedy Modern Family. As she has grown into an adult, her style has evolved. She has begun to rock looks to flaunt her curves and to experiment with makeup and glam hairstyles.

In her latest snap, however, Winter was looking a lot like she did in her earlier seasons on the show — fresh-faced and super young. The actress shared a post with seven adorable snaps and a short video featuring herself and dogs who were rescued.

As Winter explained in her caption, she went out to support the DoVE Project, which, according to the organization's Instagram bio, rescues dogs from the South Korean meat trade and puts them up for adoption.

In the first snap she shared, Winter posed in a simple T-shirt with her hair pulled back in a ponytail and a few strands loose and framing her face. She didn't have on any makeup and looked like a total natural beauty. In the first snap, she cuddled an adorable black pup as she looked right into the camera.

In the second snap, she interacted with even more furry friends and was simultaneously cuddling one smaller dog while rubbing another one behind the ears and looking off into the distance.

Winter also shared several snaps that featured just the dogs themselves, with the camera zoomed in on their adorable faces.

She clearly enjoyed the time spent with the rescue dogs. In one snap, she was even smiling as a dog decided to give her a little smooch of gratitude.

She finished off the update with a short video of herself interacting with all the dogs, who clearly couldn't get enough of the love and attention she was showering them with. Winter also made sure to include the particular dogs' names in the caption, so that any fans in the area who fell in love with them from her Instagram post could potentially rescue them.

Winter's fans loved the sweet update, and the post received over 160,000 likes within just 17 hours, including one from her Modern Family co-star Sarah Hyland.

In an interview with Schon magazine, Winter discussed her passion for animal rights and revealed that she actually planned to spend her birthday week volunteering in animal shelters. She also commented about how her platform as a celebrity allows her to really amplify the causes she believes in.

"We have a lot of people that follow us and it's great to talk about mundane things, but if I can talk something important that can either help a person or help an animal or just start a dialogue on something, I think that's really important."