August 16, 2019
Sahara Ray Teases Fans In Barely There Ensemble

Sahara Ray shared a brand new Instagram video today, and it's racked up over 83,000 views. The model was spotted in a very risque ensemble, which appeared to barely cover her assets.

The video started with Sahara facing the camera sideways. She grabbed her hair with her hands, and pulled it back into a ponytail. For whatever reason, the model opted to hold the ponytail in place with her hands, rather than secure it with a hair tie.

Ray then let her hair fall down, as she switched to tugging on the front of her outfit with her hands. This brought the attention to her chest, which was left exposed. This was all thanks to the cut of the ensemble that she wore, which was most likely a swimsuit. Sahara also looked over her left shoulder and pursed her lips, giving a coy look for the camera.

From there, the model faced her back to the camera, and tugged at the bottom portion, which looked to be a thong-style cut. She also leaned forward, but the clip was cropped above her waist so it was only possible to see the open-back design of the swimsuit.

Fans left tons of comments for Sahara.

"Look after yourself angel girl," advised a fan.

"Lol what even is this," asked another fan, who seemed to be confused by the outfit.

But for most people, it wasn't really a question of what she was wearing, but how Ray looked in it.

"You're so easy to look At," complimented a follower.

"Oh my gosh you're like a pretty porcelain doll," noted an Instagram user.

There was also a minor complaint thrown into the mix.

"Ugh almost a nip slip!! Almost," said a fan.

"Do you need an intern?? I will work for free," joked another fan, who seems to be looking for a way to meet the model in-person.

There were plenty of other fans that paid compliments to the model.

"Could watch all day long," said a fan.

"I have a lady crush on her," admitted another fan.

"Omigod. not « the Venus »...the perrrrfecttt girl!!!!!!" exclaimed an Instagram user, referring to the name of the ensemble.

Another follower wished Sahara was in a different place.

"Come back to see us!!! From MONACO," they suggested.

The video clip wrapped up with Sahara straightening up, as she continued to play with her hair. She wore black nail polish, and kept her makeup minimal. It included light pink lipstick, which popped in the shot.