Haley Kalil Flashes Major Sideboob In Tiny Swimsuit

Haley Kalil shared a new Instagram video with her fans, and everyone seems to be loving it. The update has received over 19,000 likes so far, and it's only been live for two hours.

The model was spotted in a swimsuit, which might have looked fairly conservative at first. However, it didn't take long before Haley revealed just how small the one-piece really was.

The front of the ensemble appeared to be a simple cut with thick straps and a high waist. It was also white and gray, along with black horizontal stripes.

Soon after the camera started rolling, Kalil started dancing around and twirling, which gave fans a 360-degree look at her swimsuit. It turned out that the front of the swimsuit had a risque cut, as it hugged her chest and left her sideboob exposed.

And that's not to mention the back of the one-piece. It had a thong cut and rested high on her back with just the two straps connecting to it.

Throughout the video, Haley held a tube of Pringles in her hands. She was spotted eating a chip at the beginning of the video and later grabbed a second chip.

Fans couldn't help but leave a bunch of nice comments.

"Just when I'm feeling better about myself, you post and I'm back to [sad emoji] haha," said a fan.

"YOU ARE [fire] GIRL!!!," responded Haley, as she used three fire emoji to get her point across.

Others were distracted by her good looks and personality.

"Always good to see you again. You're absolutely gorgeous as always," said a follower.

"You seem like a heap of fun...," noted another follower.

Meanwhile, there were plenty of comments about Pringles.

"Would empty my bank account to be that Pringle's can," joked an Instagram user.

"I love how you eat junk food all the time! My freaking hero!" said a fan.

In addition, there were other fans that had additional comments about the chips.

"Pretty sure that's the dance we all do whilst mowing a can of Pringles," said a fan.

"Favourite flavour of Pringles @haleyybaylee?" asked a curious fan, although the model has yet to respond.

"Beautiful video. Lovely bathing suit and lovely legs. The chips are delicious," added another fan.

The video was shot outdoors, and Haley was spotted in front of a fence with dark wood paneling. She gave flirtatious looks several times and playfully threw up her hand with the Pringles into the air towards the end of the clip.