August 16, 2019
'Vikings' Fans May Not Get Another Trailer Ahead Of Season 6 Premiere

Fans continue to wait for any news regarding the sixth season of History Channel's Vikings. When the recent San Diego Comic-Con didn't give up anything new regarding the premiere date or the release of a new trailer, fans started to get anxious. Now, the girlfriend of the actor who plays Bjorn Ironside suggests there might not be a new trailer before Season 6 premieres.

According to Metro, Alexander Ludwig's girlfriend, Kristy Dawn Dinsmore, has broken the news that there will not be another trailer for Season 6 of Vikings ahead of its premiere. This is contradictory to what Vikings actor Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha) said after appearing at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year.

While History Channel's Vikings did not get a panel at this year's event, Winnick and Ludwig were present at San Diego Comic-Con. They participated in an event that saw fans of the series get to practice throwing axes like a Viking.

When fans started complaining that a new trailer for Season 6 of Vikings hadn't dropped, she took to Instagram to say that a trailer was "coming soon."Ludwig also posted to his Instagram account that Season 6 of Vikings was arriving shortly, which surprised fans. Although, both notifications are not considered to be official announcements by the network regarding Season 6 and History Channel has neither confirmed or denied these statements.

Now, Dinsmore, who was also present at San Diego Comic-Con with Ludwig and Winnick, has revealed that there might not be another Season 6 trailer in a recent image she posted to her Instagram account.

Many fans commented on the image but one fan got a response from Dinsmore regarding Season 6 of Vikings. When they asked about the trailer, Dinsmore responded by saying that the "Season 6 trailer is already out" and that fans should head to YouTube.

Of course, the only Season 6 trailer that has been released by History Channel came out shortly after the Season 5 finale earlier in the year. Dinsmore's comment then fueled speculation that that might be the only trailer to be released for Season 6 of Vikings.

However, Dinsmore's comments are not considered to be an official announcement by the History Channel, so it appears that fans can continue to live in hope that a new trailer for Season 6 of Vikings could drop soon.

As for when Season 6 will premiere, History Channel has released no news other than it will appear sometime this year. Normally, Vikings premieres both its season premiere episode and midseason return in November so it seems likely that the network will follow this schedule with Season 6.

Vikings will return to History Channel this year. Previously, it has been confirmed that Season 6 will be the final season for Vikings. However, a spinoff series is potentially in negotiations between the History Channel and Vikings creator Michael Hirst.