Hilde Osland Shows Off Her Perfect Booty In Sexy Instagram Shot

Hilde Osland takes a selfie
Hildeee / Instagram

Hilde Osland never fails to excite her 1.4 million Instagram fans. Even though her most recent upload on August 15 exhibits the social media model turning away from the camera, the image indicates that she is as sexy as ever.

While wearing a skimpy, open-stitch knit coverup, Hilde rocked an even skimpier bikini bottom created in the classic triangular shape, as she stood on a patch of green under a pink sky. Her remarkable thigh gap was on view, but most likely followers were focusing even more attention on her beguiling posterior.

Indeed, this amazing woman’s firm, round booty gave her tiny waist an even tinier appearance than if this image had been seen from another angle, one in which she was facing forward. Meanwhile, in the current snap, Hilde wore lovely tropical flowers in her long, blond hair, hinting at the location from which the picture was taken.

The geotag for this favored photograph shared on Thursday says Bali, Indonesia. The Asian hot spot seems to be a favorite place for Hilde, who originally hails from Norway. Although she is European, the popular Instagram model currently makes her home in Melbourne, Australia, according to The Famous People.

Hilde, who earned an accountants degree from RMIT University in Australia, was first spotted on television in her home country when she competed on Idol Norway. As a singer with professional skills, she did well, but didn’t win. However, the program allowed Hilde to show off her beauty, which shined even brighter than her musicality, to the entire nation.

From then on, this talent has been able to gain brand endorsements from all kinds of fashionable places, including “swimwear brands, designers, boutiques, and clothing brands.”

She also continues to sing, using Instagram as her platform. Her genre is mostly pop, for which she releases covers such as “Marry You,” a Bruno Mars hit. In addition, Hilde is also an accomplished dancer, making jazz, ballet, and tap her preferred art form in that arena.

Apparently, Hilde likes to be shot during golden time when the sun is setting and when the light is spectacular. She did so a couple of weeks ago. In that instance, she was facing the camera with the ocean in the background, as The Inquisitr shared on July 30.

“The delicious light embraced the 31-year-old beauty’s entire being, from her dazzling blue eyes to her see-through crop top. That part of her ensemble was very brief and very sexy, her ample cleavage showing for all to see thanks to its center tie that held her breasts in place.”

And so, as the Scandinavian Instagram model Hilde Osland continues to model in her beloved Bali, fans can follow more of her on Instagram.