WWE News: Popular NXT Superstar Has Backstage Confrontation With Goldberg At ‘SummerSlam’

This could end up leading to a pretty big match for WWE in the future.

Bill Goldberg returns to the ring on "Raw."

This could end up leading to a pretty big match for WWE in the future.

For quite a long time now, it has been no secret that NXT superstar Matt Riddle has it out for WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg. It is obvious that Riddle simply doesn’t like the legend and has oftentimes ripped him on social media. At SummerSlam, Goldberg returned to the ring for a match against Dolph Ziggler, and he had a backstage confrontation with the young NXT star which could end up turning into something in the future.

On social media, Riddle has often called out Goldberg, criticized his work, and made fun of the former World Champion. Some rumors have circulated that this is a big part of the reason that Riddle lost his push in NXT and was taken out of the title picture.

Whether that is true or not is something that remains in question, but fans have wondered if Riddle and Goldberg would ever have the chance to face one another. WWE could find a way to make that match happen one day, and a confrontation the two had at SummerSlam last weekend could possibly lead to it.

Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Ringside News, reports that Riddle was backstage at SummerSlam and actually ran into Goldberg. This is, of course, after the multiple shots that the NXT superstar took at the legend, and things didn’t really go too comfortably.

Matt Riddle celebrates with the NXT fans.

Riddle told the story of running into Goldberg at the big pay-per-view and said that the legend actually threw a shoulder into him. From there, Goldberg reportedly told Riddle that the two had some talking to do, and the NXT star told him they could talk at any time.

From there, Riddle called Goldberg “bro” as he does with virtually everyone, and the legend really didn’t take too kindly to that sentiment.

“Goldberg said, ‘I’ll see you later, and it was a pleasure meeting you (Bill has the attitude generally if people are d*cks to him to in his words, ‘kill them with kindness’), and Riddle said, ‘The pleasure was all mine, bro.’ And Goldberg said, ‘I’m not your bro.'”

To add a little insult to injury, Riddle finished off the exchange with, “Alright bro, take it easy.”

Bill Goldberg is a true legend who came back for a match against The Undertaker in June, and he defeated Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam. At this time, it isn’t known if WWE is going to have him back for another match at all, but the possibility is certainly there as fans love it. With the build-up that Matt Riddle has put together on social media and this backstage exchange, it could pave the way for a huge match-up one day soon.