Bikini Model Gabby Epstein Showcases Her Fabulous Figure In A Floral Bikini

Gabby Epstein attends the HiSmileTooth Whitening Party at Nineteen at The Star on December 7, 2018 in Gold Coast, Australia.
Jono Searle / Getty Images

Gabby Epstein put her enviable figure on display on Thursday in an Instagram update that got plenty of attention.

The post consisted of three snapshots, all in which Epstein was standing underneath a vine-covered pergola adorned with pink, yellow, and orange flowers with a clear blue sky overhead. She wore a red floral bikini with thonged bottoms that showed off her hourglass shape.

The angle of the first two photos was below Epstein’s waist and the blond beauty was smiling at the camera as the wind blew her wavy locks. Epstein’s sculpted waist was visible in the snap, as well as her ample chest and toned thighs. The model looked to be wearing natural-looking makeup and a red color on her lips. She accessorized the look with a dainty gold necklace. Epstein extended her left hand toward the camera, showing off a small smiley face tattoo she has an her pinky finger.

The last snap showed Epstein from behind, giving followers a full view of her perky booty and flawless physique.

In the photo’s caption, Epstein talked about her tattoo and asked her fans if they had any ink. Some fans took a moment to answer her, but many commented on Epstein’s body.

“You are a perfect sculpture,” one admirer wrote.

One fan told Epstein she had a great smile, while another said her beauty was unmatched.

“A breath of sunshine,” said one follower.

It wasn’t just men commenting on the snap. Some women told Epstein that her figure was the goal for their bodies. Another woman told the model that she was her inspiration.

The beauty puts in the work for her amazing body. In an interview with Galore magazine, she said that she doesn’t have a regular workout routine and likes to mix up how she gets her exercise. Usually that involves doing some form of running, Pilates, boxing, and yoga.

When she is on the road, she does a short circuit that lasts about 20 to 30 minutes. But she’s active, which helps her stay fit. She said even when she is on vacation, she tries to do some form of activity, such as surfing, paddle boarding, hiking, and swimming.

When it comes to dieting, Epstein said she tries to keep it simple and eat healthy 80 percent of the time. She said that living this way allows her to indulge in her favorite foods without feeling guilty about breaking some sort of diet rule.