GetGoing Offers Deep Flight Discounts, Automatically Chooses Your Final Destination

GetGoing Picks Your Travel Destination

Travel startup GetGoing can save you up to 40 percent on your next trip. There is just one catch: The online platform gets to determine your final destination.

In a simple one-line pitch, GetGoing tells its potential customers:

“GetGoing will help you find a big discount on your next flight if you let it choose the destination for you.”

The premise is simple: Users visit the GetGoing platform and create two full itineraries for two separate locations. GetGoing then works its magic, finds the deepest discount based on those selections, and then books the vacation.

GetGoing believes that, since many people debate on their final locale, it can convince them to take the guess work out of planning — by putting that planning in a piece of software’s capable hands.

The platform isn’t relying on bargain basement locations either. Sure, users can travel to Buffalo, New York, but they can also enter in slightly more exotic locations such as Costa Rica.

GetGoing users can either enter their exact two locations or use the services search engine to find potential vacation spots.

The deep discounts are available because GetGoing has partnered with airlines to sell their unsold seats at deep discounts. By checking both destinations on a user’s itinerary, GetGoing can figure out which airline will give the best discount and then offer its decision.

GetGoing is no slouch. The platform has already been through two rounds of funding and has received money from Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian and venture capitalist Yuri Milner. GetGoing also comes form a strong foundation as part of the Y Combinator program.

While GetGoing only launched on Wednesday, the company is already looking into hotel bookings and vacation packages.

Are you ready to receive deep discounts on travel based on your own ability to be flexible with your final destination?