Twitter User Jeffrey R. Epstein Explains He's Not Dead & Not The Accused Sex Trafficker

A Twitter user named Jeffrey R. Epstein has been using the social media platform to remind his followers that he is neither dead nor accused of horrible crimes.

The Jeffrey Epstein, the multimillionaire financier accused of sex crimes against children, had the middle initial E., for Edward, and was born in 1953. The Twitter user with the same name has the middle initial R., although it's not clear what it stands for. On his Twitter profile, he appears to be younger than the more notorious man with the same name, although he doesn't mention his age.

He also has the blue check mark that Twitter uses to verify him as a public figure, and according to his LinkedIn profile, he's the Director of Corporate Communications at the Walt Disney Company. Many of his tweets are about goings-on regarding Disney parks and Disney movies.

And he didn't die in a prison cell last week, as he recently tweeted.

"I guess I should appreciate all the RIPs, but I'm not dead. And I'm still *not* THAT Jeffrey Epstein," he wrote.

In fact, Epstein has been reminding his Twitter followers for weeks that he's not THAT Jeffrey Epstein. His first tweet about the matter came on July 8, two days after the other Jeffrey Epstein was arrested.

"OK, reminder to all that I am not *THAT* Jeffrey Epstein," he wrote in a tweet that got 7,700 likes -- not bad for a man who only has 8,000 or so followers.

Then on July 23, R. Epstein retweeted a tweet from another user who suggested, perhaps rightfully so, that the confusion was causing problems for R. Epstein.
On July 31, R. Epstein retweeted another tweet from a user who noticed the similar names.
For whatever comfort it may provide Jeffrey R. Epstein, he is not the only man to share a name with the notorious criminal. Over on professional networking site LinkedIn, it appears that at least 100 men with the last name "Epstein" and the first name "Jeff" or "Jeffrey" use the site.

For example, there's Jeff Epstein, a West Palm Beach salesman who sells medical devices. There's the Vancouver Jeff Epstein, who works in "Messaging, Content, Competitive Intel, Sales Enablement, PR, and AR."

Then there's the Jeff Epstein who works in computer software, who, like the Jeffrey Epstein, is in New York.

Back on Twitter, R. Eptstein's followers, and random Twitter users, are seeing the humor in it.

"Tough day to be an Epstein," wrote one, while another wrote, "this is probably the most unfortunate name to have in the last 10 years. I feel you bro."