Video Allegedly Shows Conor McGregor Sucker Punch Elderly Man In The Face For Refusing Shot Of Whiskey

Conor McGregor celebrates after a fight.
Jared Wickerham / Getty Images

Surveillance video from inside an Irish pub allegedly shows Conor McGregor sucker-punching an elderly man in the face after the man refused to take a shot of the UFC star’s whiskey.

The video was published on Thursday by TMZ, noting that the attack took place back in April inside the Marble Arch Pub in Dublin. The video shows the Irish fighter entering the pub and buying a round of his Proper Twelve whiskey for the patrons lined up at the bar. Video showed that one elderly man refused the shot, appearing to dump it out behind the bar. When McGregor tried again to give the man a shot and the man again refused, the fighter appeared to grow angry and delivered a left to the man’s face.

McGregor was then ushered out of the bar by some other people there, and the report noted that a police report was filed.

As the report noted, one of the most amazing parts of the video appeared to be the elderly man’s unfazed reaction after taking the UFC champion’s notorious left. Video showed that the man barely moved from the chair after absorbing the UFC fighter’s punch, not even reacting afterward.

“Perhaps most odd of all… the poor, old pub patron who got socked didn’t even get knocked off his stool,” the TMZ report noted. “People are just tougher in Ireland, apparently.”

Conor McGregor has found himself in trouble in the past for his volatile behavior. He got into trouble outside of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn when he threw a steel dolly through the window of a bus during a spat with rival Khabib Nurmagomedov, The New York Post noted. McGregor faced a potentially stiff sentence after he was charged with assault for the incident, but ended up agreeing to a plea deal that included no jail time.

McGregor found himself in trouble again earlier this year after he was arrested on charges that he slapped the cell phone out of a fan’s hands and then stomped on it in an early morning incident in Miami Beach. The man was reportedly trying to take a picture of the UFC champion outside of a nightclub when McGregor attacked, destroying the man’s cell phone. McGregor was charged with strong-armed robbery and criminal mischief for the incident, The New York Post noted.

Police in Dublin have not said if Conor McGregor will face charges for the alleged bar attack.