‘Attack On Titan’ Chapter 120 Spoilers: Eren, Zeke Obtain Power Of Founding Titan, Reunite With Ymir Fritz

Attack on Titan features Eren's encounter with the Colossal Titan.
BagoGames / Flickr (CC BY 2.0 Cropped and Resized)

Attack on Titan Chapter 120, which is titled “An Instant,” revealed what happened after Gabi Braun shot Eren Yeager in the neck that resulted in his head to be separated from his body. Luckily, before he completely died, Eren’s head made contact with Zeke Yeager’s hands, enabling them to activate the power of the Founding Titan.

The latest chapter of Attack on Titan featured Eren and Zeke seeing each other inside the Coordinate, a mysterious place where all the “paths” meet. Eren immediately noticed that Zeke was in chains. Zeke told Eren that the chains prevented him or any member of the royal family from acting freely inside the Coordinate. The vow was made by Karl Fritz and Zeke called it “the oath to renounce war.”

Zeke said that Eren is the only one who can move freely inside the Coordinate. While Zeke and Eren were having conversations, Attack on Titan Chapter 120 featured Founder Ymir Fritz. Zeke revealed that Ymir was the one who brought him back to life when he self-destructed using Thunder Spear. However, despite her incredible power, Ymir doesn’t possess a will of her own.

Zeke asked Eren to command Ymir to change the body of the Eldians and make them incapable of having children. After that, Zeke said that Eren can already use the world flattening weapon to destroy their enemies. Eren finally showed his true color and said that he didn’t really intend to help Zeke achieve his main goal. Zeke cried and was disappointed to hear the words coming out of his brother’s mouth.

However, Attack on Titan Chapter 120 revealed that Zeke was only trying to know Eren’s true intention. After hearing everything, Zeke easily removed the chains and told Eren that he already managed to obtain the power of the Founding Titan on his own. In the years he waited for Eren inside the Coordinate, Zeke also learned how to break Karl Fritz’s vow of nonaggression.

Zeke put Eren in chains using the power of the Founding Titan. However, instead of punishing him for what he has done, Zeke said that he would save Eren from the wrong ideology that their father taught him. Zeke used his ability to travel back in time when Eren was still a child. Zeke wanted Eren to see how their father, Grisha Yeager, brainwashed him. It also showed how Grisha built connections with influential people inside the walls. However, while viewing his father’s memories, Zeke was shocked to see that Grisha still cared for him even though they didn’t see each other for years after his betrayal.