Olivia Newton-John Reportedly ‘Making The Most’ Of Her Days Following Deadly Cancer Diagnosis

Olivia Newton-John speaks during the annual Wellness Walk and Research Runon September 16, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia
Scott Barbour / Getty Images

Olivia Newton-John has a newfound lease on life since she received her stage four breast cancer diagnosis back in 2017 after previously beating the disease twice in 1992 and 2013. She has spent the last several months assuring and reassuring fans that she is in good health and living a happy life. Now, a source has revealed to Radar Online that the legendary actress is making the most of the life she has left.

Unfortunately, there is no known cure at this time for stage four breast cancer, as Dr. Jonathan Cebon of the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute in Australia confirmed. Newton-John has reportedly accepted her diagnosis with grace and is remaining focused on spending time with her daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, 33, in her final days. RO’s source explained that the two women have become “inseparable.”

“They talk every day and are now more like sisters,” the source said. “Olivia knows she’s incurable — but she’s doing everything she can to make the best of the time she has left.”

According to the source, Newton-John’s battle with cancer has been quite painful for the Grease star, but she has reportedly found relief in her husband John Easterling’s cannabis at their home in Santa Barbara.

It is unclear how much of Newton-John’s life remains, but the singer revealed last week during an appearance on 60 Minutes Australia that she doesn’t want to know.

“If somebody tells you, you have six months to live, very possibly you will because you believe that,” she said, per CNN. “So for me, psychologically, it’s better not to have any idea of what they expect or what the last person that has what you have lived, so I don’t, I don’t tune in.”

Although Newton-John has not appeared much in the public eye since she received her diagnosis, she did attend the Industry Dance Awards & Cancer Benefit Show at the Avalon Theater in Hollywood on Wednesday, August 14. There, she received a Lifetime Achievement Award as well as a donation for the Cancer Wellness & Research Center in Australia.

While on hand, Newton-John spoke with Entertainment Tonight to provide a wellness update for her fans. She revealed that she had broken her sacrum, a bone at the base of the lumbar vertebrae, and needed to learn to walk again, but the singer has since restored her strength.

“I just want everyone to know, I’m here, I’m doing great,” the 70-year-old star said. “I’m doing really well and I’m really healthy.”