Brian Austin Green Sets The Record Straight About Rumored Hookups With ‘BH90210’ Co-Star Tori Spelling

The father of four says he never crushed on Donna Martin IRL.

L-R: Tori Spelling and Brian Austin Green in the BH90210 "Reunion" series premiere.
Shane Harvey / FOX

The father of four says he never crushed on Donna Martin IRL.

Tori Spelling and Brian Austin Green’s Beverly Hills, 90210 characters, Donna Martin and David Silver, were one of the most iconic teen TV couples of the 1990s. But did the young actors have a real-life romance as well?

In the premiere episode of the BH90210 reboot, Spelling, who plays an “exaggerated” version of herself, said she lost her virginity to Green in real life. Now, Green is answering the expected follow-up questions as confused fans try to figure out what’s fictional and what’s true with the Peach Pit crew.

During an interview with AOL Build, Green addressed questions about whether he had a real-life crush on Spelling back in the day after she said in past interviews that she crushed on him but “nothing really ever happened.”

Green, who has been married to actress Megan Fox since 2010, noted that Spelling “answered perfectly,” then made it clear he never had a thing for his long-time TV girlfriend, who is now married to actor Dean McDermott.

“No, no, no, we were kids, we were doing a show. Tori’s awesome, we had a lot of fun but I’m one of those serial monogamous daters.”

Green then went on to detail his real-life romances with three brunette beauties.

“When we started the show, I started dating [Tiffani Thiessen] not too long after, we were together for a few years, then she came on the show, then I started dating Vanessa Marcil for a little while and then I started dating Megan and we’ve been together for 15 years now, we got married and have 3 kids together, so I’m kinda that guy.”

Green explained that while the True Tori star is a great girl, he was always either “really single, really doing music” or really “all about relationships” when they worked together 30 years ago.

On the BH90210 reboot, Spelling’s exaggerated Tori Spelling is unfulfilled in her marriage to the fictional “Nate” (Ivan Sergei), and she seems to be holding onto a real-life crush on Green.

In real life, Spelling has admitted that after the original Beverly Hills, 90210 wrapped, she didn’t see Green for 20 years.

But in 2015, Entertainment Tonight reported that Spelling alleged she slept with Brian Austin Green when they were teens. Spelling made the revelation as she took a polygraph test on Lifetime’s Celebrity Lie Detector.

When host Louise Roe asked Spelling if she ever had “sexual relations” with any of her co-stars on Beverly Hills, 90210, the star admitted she had, and she answered “yes” when asked if it was Brian Austin Green. Spelling dished that her hookups with Green occurred when 90210 was still on the air in the 1990s.

“I was like ‘Great! There’s all these extras around me, hot girls,'” Spelling explained of her alleged hookups with her co-star. “And I was just really hoping he likes me.”

On the show, Spelling’s Donna lost her virginity to Green’s David, so the BH90210 reboot that has Spelling saying she lost her virginity to Green has fans wondering what is real and what is fake.

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