Camille Cosby Calling Off Divorce And Plans To Renew Vows With Imprisoned Husband, Report Claims

Camille and Bill Cosby walk into court together.

Camille Cosby has reportedly had a major change of heart regarding her imprisoned husband.

After rumors circulated that the wife of disgraced comedian Bill Cosby was planning to file for divorce, a new report claims that Camille has changed her mind and now wants to renew wedding vows with the man convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman. As Radar Online reported, Camille felt sorry for her husband and his situation, and she decided not to go through with what would have been a costly divorce.

“Camille was in a position to file for divorce and take everything that she was owed,” a source told the celebrity news outlet.

“But she couldn’t stand kicking a man when he was down, even someone as despicable as her own husband.”

The report went on to say that Camille had gone so far as to meet with divorce lawyers earlier in the year, and previous reports said that the marriage had been strained to its breaking point with Bill Cosby in prison.

But now, instead of meeting with lawyers to file for divorce, Camille Cosby is planning to renew her vows with Bill in a jailhouse ceremony.

“It would be a huge sign of commitment on her part,” the source said. “The word inside the prison is that Bill’s boasting about a vow renewal. The prison has a chapel and his team is working on submitting the paperwork to make it official!”

As The Inquisitr had previously reported, there were signs that Camille Cosby was coming around on the embattled marriage. After months of divorce rumors swirling, Camille appeared to make a public stand with her husband in late June and released a statement calling the comedian “one of our greatest American treasures.” She went on to say that his conviction was a miscarriage of justice.

Bill Cosby had filed an appeal at the time saying that the testimony from five other sexual assault accusers was “strikingly dissimilar” to pending federal charges against him and argued that the testimony should have not been allowed at his trial, CBS News reported. As Bill filed the appeal, Camille released a statement praising her husband and speaking out against his conviction.

Camille Cosby had stood by her husband throughout the many allegations of sexual misconduct, which culminated with his trial for drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in 2004. But Radar Online reported earlier this year that Bill Cosby’s three daughters had already cut ties with him and said that Camille was starting to follow suit.