Dead Space Series Could Be Resurrected By EA

Dead Space 4 might be resurrected after reports of its untimely demise earlier today. After sources who were supposedly in the know reported that EA was unhappy with the sales figures for Dead Space 3, talk of Dead Space 4 being canceled followed close behind.

Considering that Dead Space 3 has not done anywhere near the numbers the company was hoping it would do, it didn’t seem like that crazy an idea to think that Dead Space had been killed off. In the video game industry, one back quarter can mean the end of an otherwise popular series.

Despite seemingly lackluster numbers for their newest iteration in the series, talked to EA’s higher ups who flatly denied that they had made a decision to end the series. The company actually went one step further and said that the claims that layoffs at Visceral Montreal never happened.

Joystiq reports that in fact it is business as usual after the earlier reports said that branch had been shut down altogether in the aftermath. The company even issued a statement to the media which read:

“While we have not announced sales for Dead Space 3, we are proud of the game and the franchise remains an important IP to EA.”

The company then refused to give estimates about what sort of sales it thinks it is seeing and whether those sales numbers would be enough to merit a Dead Space 4. In earlier reports, the company had said that it felt that DS4 needed to sell at least five million units in order to be an unqualified success.

The company also wouldn’t specifically say that Visceral Montrel was actually working on yet another sequel to the series, just simply stating that nothing drastic had happened to that developer and that they would continue to work with Visceral in the future.

It’s possible that the earlier reports were right and EA has effectively killed Dead Space. Its also possible that Dead Space has been resurrected by EA and will live to fight another day. We probably won’t know until an official announcement comes one way or another.