Shay Mitchell Poses Surrounded By Crystals, Is ‘Every LA Person’

Shay Mitchell visits 'The IMDb Show.'
Rich Polk / Getty Images

Actress Shay Mitchell, who most know from her time on the teen smash hit Pretty Little Liars, stunned the world on June 28 when she released a shot of herself on Instagram with a big baby bump. She worked hard to keep her secret under wraps until the big reveal, but since then, Mitchell has been flaunting her bump on Instagram constantly.

She has shared shots of her bump in a bikini on vacation, on the beach, in a dress, and much more. Today, she shared a shot with a different vibe — and poked fun at Los Angeles wellness culture a bit as well.

In the snap, Mitchell is laid out on a bed covered with a crisp white sheet, presumably in a spa or somewhere like that. Her brunette locks are fanned out around her head in a cloud, and purple acupuncture needles are visible dotted through her hairline.

Mitchell wore only a pair of black underwear and a small dusty rose hand towel covering her upper body and was absolutely surrounded by crystals of all shapes and sizes. There were crystals around her from her shoulders to the top of her head, and even two placed right by her ears. A rose was nestled on the beauty’s chest, and she also had several stones going down her abdomen and near her neck.

Mitchell poked fun at Los Angeles culture in her caption, stating that the activity she was doing is something that all Angelenos must incorporate into their routine on milestones. Her followers loved the snap and cheeky caption, and the post received over 190,000 likes within just one hour, including a like from fellow actress Vanessa Hudgens.

One follower referenced a notorious celebrity crystal lover and reality television star in the comments section.

“All I can think about is spencer pratt and all his crystals,” the follower said.

Many of her followers were making plans to do their own crystal meditation session in the comments.

“Where can we do this!? I need all the good energy,” one follower stated, tagging some friends to join in.

Yet another follower stated, “Tbh already feeling relaxed just looking at this.”

Mitchell has been tirelessly documenting her pregnancy on Instagram and on her YouTube channel. She even filled her fans in on the baby’s gender by filming a totally over-the-top gender reveal that included a fight between two Power Rangers, as Harper’s Bazaar reported. Mitchell and her partner filmed themselves watching all the action as they eagerly waited to see whether they’d be having a girl or a boy before it was finally revealed that the pink Power Ranger reigned supreme.