Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Franco’s Transformation With Drew’s Memories Rattles Elizabeth And Kim

Elizabeth Herbst and Roger Howarth star as Elizabeth and Franco on 'General Hospital'
Matt Petit / Walt Disney Television

Viewers got their first taste of Franco trying to live with Drew’s memories on Wednesday’s General Hospital and spoilers suggest that this will get even more intense during Thursday’s episode. “Drew” wasted no time in making a romantic move on a very confused Kim and Elizabeth was left stunned as she saw it happen. Where does this all head next?

From the sounds of things, this may take a while to play out. Co-head writer Shelly Altman teased a few General Hospital spoilers about this twist via Soap Opera Digest. Even though the fans are skeptical, those with the show seem to see this as an intriguing challenge.

Altman teased that they decided that Franco was the perfect person to transfer Drew’s memories to, as it gave them a lot of story going forward that impacted many different Port Charles residents. From the sounds of things, Roger Howarth, who plays Franco, was up for this, as was Rebecca Herbst, who plays Elizabeth.

Howarth teased that he thought this offered up a valuable challenge for newlyweds Franco and Elizabeth.

“It presents a really good obstacle for the Franco/Elizabeth relationship and I think obstacles are really important and in the end, really rewarding.”

Fans watched as Franco transformed into a very confused Drew and rejected Elizabeth with the real Drew’s assistance. Those General Hospital fans who have been frustrated by not seeing Herbst as much as they’d like will seemingly get a lot of heavy scenes involving Becky in the days and possibly weeks ahead.

“I’m excited! I think it’s really great [story] for Elizabeth to have this man she loves not be there and just be a shell.”

During Wednesday’s show, Jason and Sam were brought up to speed by Robert and General Hospital spoilers detail that Kim will be demanding answers during Thursday’s show. She’s obviously quite confused right now, but fans will be interested to see how she handles the news she’s about to get given her delicate, frail state in the wake of Oscar’s death.

Not much is known yet about how long this will take to play out or how it will be resolved. As The Inquisitr recently noted, Billy Miller is leaving his role as Drew later this month and it seems likely his departure will tie into this latest twist somehow.

SheKnows Soaps reveals additional General Hospital spoilers indicating that Jason and Sam will talk further with Robert during Thursday’s show. Next week, Jason will visit Franco, and viewers can expect to see Curtis and Drew remain heavily involved in this as it plays out.

At this point, it doesn’t look as if fans are terribly excited about seeing another angle of this memory swatch story dominate the upcoming episodes. Will the writers and actors involved be able to draw viewers in and will there be a worthwhile payoff ahead?

Additional General Hospital spoilers about what comes next should emerge soon and everybody will be anxious to get a sense of where this is headed.