August 14, 2019
Olivia Culpo Gets Naked With A Snake Wrapped Around Her On The Beach, Driving Instagram Into Meltdown

Olivia Culpo is definitely upping the ante this week. The Sports Illustrated model has bared all on a sandy beach, although it looked like the 27-year-old braved an especially risky situation on Wednesday: Olivia has updated her Instagram with a snake wrapped around her.

The model's photo showed her posing for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine that largely launched her career. The brunette was fully nude, although her modesty was protected via careful positioning as she lay on her front. The update showed Olivia on a sun-drenched beach, although Olivia's fans would likely argue that her sizzling body was taking center stage.

Fans saw Olivia's sexy cleavage pressed into the sand, and her slim and curvy frame was shot full-length. The star's bronzed skin was covered by sand in parts, although the fierce booty display and likewise killer thighs, legs, and shoulders were all visible. Olivia delivered her signature piercing gaze via a direct stare as she posed for the camera with a slithering snake wrapped around her.

It looks like Olivia and her photo have driven Instagram into meltdown. The update racked up over 46,000 likes within just one hour of going live, with the same time frame bringing over 350 fans into the post's comments section.

"Ahhhh! How could you stay still? Such an amazing photo!" one fan wrote.

"Talk about an adrenaline rush," another added.

"My Love, DAYUM!!!" one fan exclaimed.

When it comes to being a social media star, Olivia seems all set. The model is now so famous that she'll be chased by the paparazzi, although photos of Olivia mostly front media outlets on account of her impeccable style – being caught stumbling out of clubs isn't this girl's vibe. Olivia's penchant for high-end brands has been well documented, although this beauty manages to steer clear of overdoing the logos. The odd Chanel bag or Gucci monogram will be spotted on Olivia, but for the most part, the model balances her high-fashion out with trendy athleisurewear pieces or cute jeans.

Given the model's high-profile status on Instagram, she has been interviewed about her social media activity. Speaking to Haute Living about receiving fan comments, Olivia revealed that she'll read all sorts."There are always things people say that are either completely false or things people think just because they don't know you. I have a pretty good handle on when that happens. If there's absolutely no truth to it, I don't even think about it, I just think, 'This person's insane,'" she said.

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