‘The Young And The Restless’ Recap For Wednesday: Elena And Devon Celebrate

Brytni Sarpy at THE 46TH ANNUAL DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS CBS after-party.
Francis Specker / CBS

The Young and the Restless recap for Wednesday, August 14 brings a declaration of war from Adam. Plus, Elena finds a new opportunity, Devon turns down a deal, and Ashley and Jack agree on a name for their merger.

Abby (Melissa Ordway) and Ashley (Eileen Davidson) caught up with each other, and Abby told Ashley about her plan to have Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) manage The Grand Phoenix Hotel. Ashley warned her against it, but Abby said she could handle Phyllis. Talk turned to Abby and Nate (Sean Dominic), and Eileen approved, although Abby warned her mother she didn’t even know where they stood for sure.

Later, Jack (Peter Bergman), Ashley, Kyle (Michael Mealor), Lola (Sasha Calle), and Abby gathered at the Abbott mansion. Jack and Ashley discussed renaming the company when Jabot and My Beauty merge, but Kyle said nothing could beat Jabot. Jack and Ashley agreed, and they settled on Jabot. Nate showed up, and Abby invited him to Kyle and Lola’s wedding. Then Jack left to get Celeste (Eva LaRue).

Before that, Jack went to Newman Enterprises to see Victoria (Amelia Heinle), but Victor (Eric Braeden) realized Jack really showed up to check on him and his side effects. Then Jack discussed Adam (Mark Grossman) and told Victor to throw his son a lifeline, but Victor said he’d already done that too many times.

Meanwhile, at Adam’s, he told Michael (Christian LeBlanc) to fix the restraining order as soon as possible. In the hallway, Adam ran into Devon (Bryton James), and Devon warned Adam to stay away from Elena (Brytni Sarpy). He also noted that a child can never have too many people who love him, so Devon advised Adam to compromise for Christian’s (Alex Wilson) sake.

When Elena let Devon know that she got a new residency job that Nate told her about, he was thrilled. Devon gave Elena a present, and they celebrated her new direction.

Finally, Adam went to confront Victor at Victor’s office. Victor told Adam, “you gave me no choice.” Victor claimed that he is taking Christian’s side because the little boy does not deserve to be used as a pawn in Adam’s manipulative games. Then, Adam told his father about how things may have been entirely different if he’d grown up knowing Victor was his dad. Victor let Adam know that there’s nothing for him in Genoa City, but Adam claimed that he is not going anywhere. Victor let Adam know that he will live to regret it, and Adam threatened to take everything away from Victor and the rest of the family.