Taylor Swift Has Tumblr Fan In Tears After She Paid Both Her Tuition And Rent

Taylor Swift attends FOX's Teen Choice Awards 2019 on August 11, 2019 in Hermosa Beach, California.
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Taylor Swift had a fan in tears after learning the superstar singer and songwriter paid her tuition and rent in a surprise move that stunned fans of the social networking site Tumblr.

The pop star helped a Canadian fan pay off her college tuition and rent for the upcoming semester. Ayesha Khurram received a money transfer from Taylor Nation, LLC directly to her PayPal on Monday, according to Entertainment Tonight Canada. The total amount of the check was $6,386.47, which was the exact amount due for her college tuition. Ayesha is entering her second year in the accounting and financial management program at the University of Waterloo.

The message from Swift was sweet — “Ayesha, get your learn on, girl! I love you! Taylor.” The “Me!” singer learned of Ayesha after the student posted about her financial and student loan problems on Tumblr.

The student remarked that both her parents worked minimum wage jobs and were unable to help her with her tuition and housing costs for this year of school, according to CBS News. She also explained that her mother was dealing with health issues as she battled chronic kidney disease.

“I posted about struggling with paying for tuition. Two hours later, I get this in my email. I have no words and I can’t stop crying. I don’t have words. I don’t have words,” Ayesha said, per Entertainment Tonight.

“It’s more than what I asked for. She is just so generous. I literally cried myself to sleep last night. This is the kind of thing you don’t expect. You don’t even dream about it. In no corner of your brain are you thinking, ‘Taylor Swift is going to send me money and help me out,'” she said in an interview with CBC.ca.

Taylor Swift is known for her generosity. She donated a sum of money to Mariska Hargitay’s Joyful Heart Foundation following her victory in a sexual assault case against radio DJ David Mueller. Swift accused Mueller of inappropriately touching her, reported CNN. A Denver jury determined that Mueller assaulted Swift at a meet and greet before her concert in 2013. The singer accused him of grabbing her bare backside as they posed for a photo together. In the judgment against Mueller, he was ordered to pay the singer a ceremonial sum of $1.

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She also donated $5,000 on a GoFundMe page to help raise money for Katie Beth Carter, a Jacksonville State University sophomore who died in an Alabama car crash in 2017. Swift was the late woman’s favorite singer, and the money Swift donated was used to help pay her funeral costs, reported Star 94.1.

Swift’s newest album, Lover, will be released August 23.