Fitness Modeling ‘Teen Mom’ Mackenzie McKee Wows Poolside In Hot Pink Bikini

Mackenzie McKee takes a selfie
Mackenzie McKee / Instagram

Mackenzie McKee is wowing her fans. The 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom 3 alum has already gotten the MTV franchise’s fans talking by virtue of her return on Teen Mom OG, although it looks like she hasn’t given up working her super-fit body. The 24-year-old has taken to her Instagram with a reminder of her fitness modeling career, although Mackenzie didn’t actually take part in an event today.

Mackenzie’s photo showed her smiling for the camera as she posed poolside. The blonde was standing in the shade, although there was no denying that her summer-ready body was heating things up. Mackenzie had been shot full-length as she rocked a tiny and hot pink bikini, with fans seeing exactly why this mother-of-three has the status of a fitness model. Mackenzie’s super-strong legs, built arms, and ripped abs were on show, although Mackenzie herself didn’t seem out to flaunt her physique. She was, however, out to promote something.

The Teen Mom OG star flashed a big grin as she held a tanning product out to her viewers. Mackenzie is a regular promoter for Get Into The Limelight’s products – given her deep and golden tan, it looks like the brand has picked the perfect ambassador.

Mackenzie’s caption detailed that she’s been applying the product for quite some time. The star then encouraged her fans to give it a go, while also offering them a coupon code.

Those less familiar with Mackenzie may need a refresh on this star’s fitness-centric activities. Mackenzie’s Instagram bio has recently changed, although it did formerly describe her as a “fitness model.” The account itself is proof of this mom’s activities in the world of fitness modeling, though.

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Ok peeps show is over. I have worked until I have nearly passed out daily. 3 hours a day I have dedicated to muscle growth and my physique. My body did much better before I got my tubes tied and I walked into this day feeling like I worked 10x harder than I look. There were 12 of us and I did not place top 5 like I wanted. I nearly broke down in tears and stayed after to get the judges feed back because you never know what they were looking for. They told me I am awesome on stage and present myself well, I also carry a lot of muscle which I was so happy to hear. So when I asked why I didn’t place they said “o you also carry a lot of fat” ???? with how hard I’ve worked and how hungry I am from eating so strict that was hard to hear. Idk what i can do to keep my muscle and get this fat off of my butt but that’s what they say stood between me and the top placements. . I’m simply built like a tree trunk muscle head ????. I also talked to the first place winner and she said “I competed last week and didn’t place top 5 but looked just like this so you NEVER know how they judge” So that eased my mind. But I worked hard, had fun, and one day I’ll have a trophy in my hand.

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In June, Mackenzie was gearing up for a bikini modeling competition. The star pushed herself to the limits prepping for the event, with fans seeing the red-and-white bikini donned as Mackenzie flaunted her rippling muscles for the camera. She did, however, mention her life-long Type 1 diabetes during the June updates. One Instagram post of Mackenzie in her competing two-piece mentioned the condition via a caption.

“Did not bring in the package i wanted to today. I’m a bit bummed. My body has held onto fat like crazy. Thank you insulin and thank you hormones. But I did the dang thing and ready to shred shred for the next show”

Mackenzie has been officially signed to join the cast of Teen Mom OG this season. Fans wishing to see more of Mackenzie should watch out for her on the show or follow the star’s Instagram.