Farrah Abraham’s Daughter Sophia Sparks Teen Pregnancy Predictions As Horrified Fans React To New Video

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Abraham attend Beautycon Festival Los Angeles 2019 at Los Angeles Convention Center on August 10, 2019
Araya Diaz / Getty Images

Farrah Abraham may have a shock reading through comments left on her daughter Sophia’s latest Instagram update. The former Teen Mom OG star has her 10-year-old child set up with her own Instagram account – with 784,000 followers, Sophia is one popular kid.

Earlier today, Sophia updated her Instagram with a video mash-up. The post served to showcase the fun Sophia had at the recent Beautycon event she attended with her 28-year-old mother. Farrah’s own Instagram has been showing fans the star’s glam look from the glitzy soirée, although this post seemed out to see Sophia shine. Sophia was looking happy as she posed in various positions showing her glitter-adorned outfit, with a full face of makeup suggesting she’s more than picked up on Farrah’s love of cosmetics.

Despite a happy-sounding caption from Sophia, viewers to the video have appeared uncertain.

“Another teen mom in the making,” read the most upvoted comment, with 22 users driving the words up in the space of six hours.

“Next 16 and Pregnant coming soon,” read the second-most-popular comment.

This comment came with a sarcastic, but nonetheless concerned-sounding response.

“Or 14 and pregnant the route she’s going,” the user wrote.

Hurtful and possibly inappropriate as the responses were, Instagram users did appear to be voicing worry for Sophia’s future. Given, however, that Farrah herself commenced her career on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and keeps an eye on her daughter’s account, it can be assumed that the negativity was very much geared towards Farrah.

Comments to Sophia’s video today were mixed in general. While some of this child’s fans left her sweet messages and heart emoji, less positive users slammed Sophia for wearing heavy makeup. Once again though, the comments appeared to be directed at Farrah.

“Oh boy leave the poor girl alone it’s not her fault it’s her mother’s fault that she’s like that,” one fan wrote.

“Wtf she’s 10….” another said.

“Her mom is out of control letting her do this poor kid has never just been a kid,” another added.

Sophia does, indeed, seem to follow her mother in somewhat of a mini-me fashion, although the same could be argued for other celebrities and their children. Farrah often posts Instagram stories of herself twinning with Sophia, dancing with her, or taking her to promotional events. The latter likely upsets fans concerned that Sophia doesn’t enjoy a normal childhood.

As to Sophia’s makeup, it would appear that Farrah has spoken out about it. As The Inquisitr reported earlier today, Farrah has stood firm in her defense, stating that it was perfectly “normal” for her daughter to be rocking a full face of cosmetics.

Clearly, the comments predicting any kind of teen pregnancy today were from users taking a jab at Farrah. Sophia did not appear to be looking overly inappropriate, although some might argue that her look was a bit much.