Kim Kardashian Oozes Sex Appeal & Dangerous Curves But Her Look Is Lacking Something In New Instagram Snap

In June, Kim Kardashian enjoyed a White House visit
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With 146 million followers to satisfy on Instagram, Kim Kardashian generally delivers her best looks. Tuesday’s post is no exception with possibly just one very specific problem.

Passing out constructive criticism, followers of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star praised her over and over again for the unique, cut-out dress she rocked in the three-picture set on the social media platform. The upload had only been up for less than a half-hour before more than 300,000 likes and more than 2,500 comments hit the post.

Many mentioned wanting to buy her full-length, black, gray and brown mottled frock’s knock-off when that becomes available. Others simply shouted out how amazing Kiki looked while pairing the main attraction with Chanel sunglasses which someone pointed out cost $630 but were sold out.

Kylie Jenner called her sister’s appearance on Instagram “Baddest.” She added a hand-waving, brunette girl emoji, three black heart emoji, and one sparkling star emoji to her brief message.

“Kimberly,” said another admirer who wasn’t a family member. That follower added a fire emoji to indicate true feelings about the reality star’s upload.

On the second picture in the set, the 38-year-old was shown waving, her left hand up in the air. That same shot was seen on Splash News‘s Instagram account along with a few of the rest of the snaps from an apparent photoshoot, most cropped a bit differently than from what Kim shared.

Splash New‘s social media commenters also took note of how the glamorous subject looked as she started to cross a street in Southern California’s Agora Hills. She had her hair done in a perfect high ponytail and her feet were firmly planted in a pair of thong heels.

The source’s Instagram commenters couldn’t help but take note of how the glamorous subject looked.

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“She never fails to amaze me, I kept staring at this picture for a moment just to contemplate the beauty and the curves. What a woman!????????” said one admirer among so many more who reacted in like manner.

That said, one commenter was bothered by an aspect of how Kim came across while wearing the same skintight, velvet dress she wore on her own Instagram that flaunted her famous curves and her voluptuous cleavage.

That person apparently zoned in on a tiny aspect of the big star’s overall appearance and then asked, “Why are some of her fingers squared?”

While getting your fingers squared does not seem to be a plastic surgery trend now, or ever, perhaps this naysayer was transfixed by Kim’s most recent manicure. Her talons were not done in the very long, coffin shape her sisters seem to prefer. Instead, as seen from behind her raised hand, her nails were on the short side after having been made a bit square on the top to suit this Kardashian-Jenner sibling’s very active lifestyle.

So, even though this law student and mother of four did not meet a certain fan’s finger requirements, she was more than appreciated by the rest of the masses who were lucky. They were able to take a look at Kim’s images on social media in two very different places.

For even more of Kim Kardashian and her changing sartorial styles, hit up her Instagram account on a regular basis.