Kyle Richards Reportedly Urging Sister Kim Richards To Seek Help For Substance Abuse Issues

Kyle Richards and Kim Richards pose for a photo at a Bravo event.
Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Kyle Richards just wants what’s best for her sister, Kim Richards.

As fans of the famous siblings know, Kim and Kyle have had a tense relationship at times and a lot of it has played out on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when the two appeared on the show together. In the past, Kim has struggled with substance abuse issues, but in recent years things seemed to be getting better. However, a new report from Us Weekly suggested that Kim is heading on a downward spiral once again.

According to the outlet, there have been multiple sources who have confirmed the news. One source close to the famous siblings shared that Kyle has been hearing things about Kim’s substance abuse issues from many people and she has been growing really concerned over the course of the past few weeks. The same insider also notes that Kyle is not a doctor and cannot specifically help her sister deal with her ongoing issues but she would like for Kim to see a doctor to get the help that she needs.

Kim and Kyle are currently on good terms with one another but they have both been focusing on their individual lives and have been for quite some time. But nonetheless, the same insider reveals that Kim really respects Kyle and her opinion, which could be good for her getting her foot in the door at treatment.

“It’s going to be an ongoing conversation, but the good news is that Kim is being extremely receptive to Kyle, recognizing she is coming from a place of love,” the insider tell spilled. “Kyle isn’t giving up and is trying again to get Kim to agree. It’s more for mental health than sobriety issues.”

As fans of the hit show know, Kim has been dealing with substance abuse issues for quite some time now. She found herself in some hot water in 2015 after suffering a relapse. At the time, she was arrested for public intoxication and shortly after, she got into a confrontation with the Beverly Hills police. The reality star was put on probation until 2018 and was ordered to complete 450 hours of community service in conjucntion with having to attend AA meetings.

Recently, The Inquisitr shared that Kim could be re-joining the cast of the hit Bravo show. As fans know, Kim appeared on the first few seasons of the series but was not asked to return back in June 0f 2015. Since she was let go from the show, Kim has appeared on a few episodes here and there, but now she’s reportedly looking for something more permanent. A source close to the situation shares that Kim is in talks to make her return, something that she has wanted for a long time.

“Kim has been begging producers to take her back ever since she was fired,” a source dished.

Kim also reportedly has no other income at this current time and that’s why she thinks it may be a good move to go back on the show.