Kylie Jenner’s Bikini Butt Pic Is Creeping Instagram Out

Kylie Jenner at the 2019 Met Gala
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Kylie Jenner is creeping her fans out. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star took to Instagram on Tuesday for a dual update showcasing her famous frame in a tiny and strung blue bikini. The yacht-set photos documented by The Inquisitr showed the 22-year-old reclining on her front as she showed off both her curves and her cosmetics products, with the second photo appearing to be geared towards flaunting the star’s curvy rear and likewise curvaceous hips.

The Inquisitr‘s report chronicled some early fan responses – an influx of love is commonplace on Kylie’s feed as a post goes live.

Things appear to have progressed since, with fans taking to the post’s comments section with a certain amount of backlash. In short, it looks like the Kylie Cosmetics CEO is facing some hefty plastic surgery accusations.

“Nothin natural about this body at all,” a fan wrote.

Their comment racked up over 600 likes in the space of four hours.

“Omg well said!!! This was straight to the point,” a fan replied.

Comments probing the makeup mogul came from other users seemingly out to question the reality of what they were seeing.

“It’s not even natural,” one fan wrote.

“Implants? Injections? Why?” another asked.

Such comments likely come at an unwelcome time for Kylie. On Tuesday, the star found herself front-page news as The Daily Mail chronicled fans taking to social media with claims that Kylie looks markedly older than her 22 years. The newspaper’s headline documented Kylie’s age, as well as mentions of her having admitted to various cosmetic procedures.

Sensational as the report appeared to be, though, it provided no new admissions from Kylie. It did, however, register the star’s admission to fillers. Earlier this year, Kylie vehemently denied having gone under the knife, although she fully admitted to having received fillers in her face.

While Kylie will face all kinds of accusations as readers of tabloid newspapers take to the comments section, it’s rarer for this reality face to find her own and dedicated fans probing her on social media. Clearly, the 600-plus users agreeing with the fakery accusations were on-board with the idea. Other comments seemed to echo the creeped-out sentiment.

“Ok not being mean or anything but did she get butt implants or something??? I don’t ever remember her butt ever being that big like Kim she always looked so tiny,” one fan remarked.

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The Daily Mail‘s report chronicled Kylie openly having addressed accusations regarding her rear. She puts her curves down to a weight gain of 15 pounds.

Much like her sister Kim Kardashian, Kylie remains adamant that she has never had plastic surgery. Clearly, though, viewers of Kylie’s update had their suspicions. Not all feedback was negative, though, with Kylie finding herself loved by many.