Cardi B Dresses Down With Her Bountiful Booty On View In The Bronx

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Cardi B showed up on Instagram on August 19 for a booty shot. The colorful rapper was dressed down, rocking a red top that showed a bit of skin and a skintight pair of leggings that seemed moulded to her capricious caboose.

While sometimes her butt is hidden, Cardi’s most salacious body part was the centerpiece of her social media upload of the moment. She captioned the share, “Bronx bound.”

The scene seemed to be the ground floor of a large tenement building. Cardi B was standing on a narrow ledge, her back to the camera as she put her right hand out to steady herself from atop a bank of metal mailboxes. Above them, a beige brick wall completed the obviously urban background.

As she stood in this tenuous position, the Grammy winner and social media personality peered over her shoulder, checking out the rest of her environment. She had her feet firmly planted into a pair of super sturdy black sneakers with white soles, indicating that this celebrity was good with her casual side.

As she posed, the 25-year-old celebrity’s long back hair trailed down her back in a loose braid. She appeared to rock absolutely no makeup.

It didn’t take long for Cardi B’s throngs of fans to notice her laid back look. From among her 49.5 million Instagram followers, 1.2 million of them liked this Monday evening’s share after just three hours of posting.

Meanwhile, dozens of admirers commented on the upload.

“Gotta love dem leggings n kicks u look great dressed down boo,” said one fan, who added a strong-armed emoji and a shining star emoji.

“Pretty & ghetto,” called out another follower, who put up a heart-face emoji and a laughing-crying face emoji for effect.

“This is the first time I’ve ever been like ‘okay yeah I believe she’s 25’,” commented a third fan.

“This is the level of success that I’m trying to achieve….. when you take hood pics and still get love,” remarked another Instagram user.

“Like how can u not love how humble she,” said yet another, adding two heart-faced emoji to prove their point.

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Bronx Bound

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Cardi’s most recent post was completely opposite what she shared on Instagram earlier today. This morning, the performer showed a lot more of her curvy body in a NSFW post that was likely a promotional shot from her upcoming film, Hustlers, as The Inquisitr reported.

“…she wore pasties and a corset along with a pair of black panties under a fishnet skirt… Cardi’s curves were on display in the sultry snap as she looked at something behind the camera.”

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So, as Cardi B turned up on Monday revealing two different versions of her memorable personality, the newest post today shows that this versatile talent can be just one of the gang. And she can do so while living and loving in New York City’s northernmost of the five boroughs, the very place where the big star was born and raised.