Demi Rose’s Black Thong Bikini Sets Instagram On Fire: ‘What’Chu Looking At?’

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Demi Rose is back on the ‘Gram. The British model is picking up speed when it comes to Instagram followers, with 9.4 million fans subscribing to near-daily updates from the 24-year-old. Demi has been racking up her fanbase on account of having some of the most fierce curves around, although this star is equally adored for her fresh-faced and natural beauty.

Earlier today, Demi updated her Instagram. Those familiar with Demi’s recent social media activity will know that she’s been updating her account from Bali. It looks like Demi is still enjoying the vacation perks.

Demi’s photo today showed her reclining on her front. The model wasn’t poolside, although the outdoor setting and towels around her suggested that she might be near the water. Wooded accents and hanging flowers near Demi were channeling all things zen, but Demi herself was heating things up. The brunette was flaunting her famous frame in a sexy black bikini with a thonged finish, although she appeared to have opted for a little cover: Demi’s peachy rear was covered by a matching black outer layer in semi-sheer fabrics. The sarong-like piece seemed to be keeping Demi cozy, although her curves were still on show.

Demi had been photographed from behind, with the model looking directly at the camera. An amusing caption from Demi questioned why her viewers might be staring at her.

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What’chu looking at? ???? . ???? @lolo_creativ

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Today’s update quickly proved popular, racking up over 93,000 likes in just two hours. The same time frame brought over 830 fans into the post’s comments section.

Demi may face competition in the world of swimwear faces, but this stunner seems to be handling the pressure just fine. The model channels her own style, with fans largely seeming to appreciate Demi’s natural delivery and the makeup-free selfies she is known for taking. The glitz and glam will manifest from time to time, but Demi appears to remain free-spirited at heart. Sun-kissed photos of the model showing her beautiful smile prove popular, although the inclusion of the star’s fierce cleavage seems to be what nails an update’s success.

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Demi herself may not share too much about herself on social media, but she will offer the occasional caption that provides an insight into her thoughts. As The Inquisitr recently reported, Demi wrote to her followers with what seemed to be a balanced approach to life.

“I don’t need much but to appreciate everyday, be healthy, be happy. Be kind, inspire others and to help people as much as I can. Most importantly I want to learn, grow and develop a better connection with myself. Everyday I aspire to become a better person than I was yesterday. Self love is so important!”