Heidi Klum Heats Up Instagram With Sultry Snap

Heidi Klum seems to be having a wonderful time while with her new husband, Tom Kaulitz, in Italy. The model sent temperatures rising when she shared a sexy photo that captured her standing on a yacht catching a summer breeze.

The photo showed Klum from behind, wearing a sheer cheetah-print cover-up and a pair of zebra-print bikini bottoms. The cover-up blew in the wind and pressed against Klum's body for an amazing photo. Klum's shapely figure was visible through the sheer fabric as it wrapped around her. The arch of Klum's back was visible, which created a sultry summer shot. The photo seemed to be altered with a faded filter that created a dreamy look to the scene.

In the photo's caption, Klum pointed out the windy weather.

Fans loved the sensual snap. Within an hour of going live, the post racked up over 20,000 likes.

"Hot," "beautiful" and "wow" were words that popped up in the model's comment section.

"Windy day and wild cat," one fan wrote.

Klum, 46, has been updating her Instagram account with the many adventures she has been sharing with Kaulitz, 30, over the summer. The couple secretly married earlier in the year, but they decided to have an official ceremony earlier this month.

Many of the shots she has shared show the couple on or near water. Several of them have showcased her enviable figure.When asked about how she maintains her looks, Klum said it came down to what she put in her body.

"I'm a big believer in your [sic] are what you eat. My four kids and I are always eating healthy. That's just the way we live in my house," she said in an interview with Redbook magazine.

Klum said she did not follow a complicated beauty routine. She explained she washed her face with baby shampoo and followed that with a moisturizer. She also said she did not use toner or other products on her skin because she felt like they were drying. The model did say that she used a sunscreen to protect her skin.

The stunner also said the beauty advice she would give her daughters would be for them to "feel beautiful just the way they are," she said.

"Everyone is wearing so much foundation and contouring, but I always tell them their skin is gorgeous, not to cover it up," she added.