Apple, Ferrari Teaming Up For In-Car Entertainment

Ferrari and Apple Teaming Up

Apple and Ferrari are currently negotiating terms that would bring Apple smartphones and tablets to the luxury supercar.

Speaking on Tuesday at the Geneva motor show, Ferrari chairman Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo said the company would like to introduce in-car entertainment systems that work with today’s most popular mobile technologies.

In terms of proof of concept, Ferrari has already built iPad minis into the passenger seats of the LaFerrari, a new hybrid car from the luxury automaker.

Apple of late has put much of its interest on the burgeoning connected automobile market. Siri Eyes Free is now being supported by several top car manufacturers, and many car lots have implemented iPad use for their sales staff.

In a sign that Apple and Ferrari would forge ahead with some type of partnership, Apple senior VP for online services, Eddy Cue, joined Ferrari’s board of directors in November 2012.

As Google moves closer to autonomous vehicle support, it makes sense that Apple would look for ways to entertain automobile drivers who will one day be able to fully take their eyes off the road.

In the meantime, Ferrari continues to expand its line of offerings, the company recently launched a new high-tech high-speed rail system in Italy, and the company continues to make advances in the world of Formula One racing.

The real question will be whether or not Ferrari owners want to see Apple tech in their $350,000 cars. On the one hand, Apple creates beautifully crafted devices; on the other hand, they are not quite the status symbol offers by luxury handset maker Vertu.

While Apple’s main target audience might not own Ferraris, the partnership could force other automobile manufacturers to realize that they can be “just like” Ferrari if they implement Apple technology.

Do you think putting Apple products inside of a Ferrari is a good idea?