Video Footage Reveals That Jeffrey Epstein's Computers Were Seized In FBI Raid

In the wake of the alleged suicide of convicted sex offender and alleged sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, FBI agents raided his infamous 70-acre "Pedophile Island," formally known as Little St. James island. CNBC reports that video footage of the raid reveals that the agents seized at least two desktop computers and an Apple computer from Epstein's island.

According to an email to CNBC, officials from the New York Police Department that are members of the FBI New York Child Exploitation and Human Trafficking Task Force participated in the raid.

"The NYPD is a partner in the task force with the FBI that led to the arrest of Jeffrey Epstein last month," the NYPD spokesperson wrote.

"The case remains an active and ongoing investigation, and the NYPD continues to work alongside the FBI in investigating leads -- including at Epstein's estate in the Virgin Islands. The NYPD declines further comment on an ongoing investigation."
The Guardian reports that Kelly Quinn was sailing in the area during the time of the raid.

"We were just trying to look at pretty fish and swim with turtles and here we are in the middle of an FBI raid," she said.

Per The Inquisitr, a previously unreleased interview with The New York Times reveals that Epstein told Pulitzer-winning journalist James B. Stewart that he had "potentially damaging or embarrassing" information on powerful and famous men. He suggested that the dirt included information on "sexual proclivities and recreational drug use" of the individuals in question.

According to the disgraced financier, the powerful men revealed their secrets to him because they believed they were "innocuous" compared to the damning public information about Epstein.

Although Epstein didn't reveal any details about the secrets or the powerful men he had dirt on, Stewart claims that Epstein openly displayed pictures of himself with film director Woody Allen and former United States President Bill Clinton during an August visit last year.

Stewart claims the visit to Epstein's Upper East Side mansion included being greeted by a young woman he believed to be in her "late teens or perhaps 20."

Epstein's suicide has sparked anger due to his high-profile and the potentially damning information he had on influential people. The Inquisitr previously reported that Attorney General William Barr recently promised that the FBI and the Office of Inspector General (OIG) will be investigating the situation following the revelation that there were many irregularities at the jail where Epstein died.