Australian Knockout Natalie Roser Flaunts Chiseled Body In Skimpy Lingerie

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Natalie Roser showed off her fit body on Instagram wearing only a bra and panties on Tuesday.

The 29-year-old model shared a series of photos in which she posed in the nude lingerie set — and she looked fantastic. Standing against a white wall, Roser put her sculpted body on display. With one hip to the side, she showcased her hourglass shape and toned thighs. In the first snap, the model looked to be wearing little to no makeup with her hair down in loose waves. The second snap closed in on the beauty’s ample chest, chiseled abs and the curve in her low back.

Roser plugged her lingerie line, Rose and Bare, which offers women more choices when it comes to buying underwear in nude shades. The company offers four different shades and several different styles. Fans seemed to notice Roser’s fabulous figure more than the lingerie, and some got creative with their comments.

One fan told Roser she was a “marvelous vision,” while another said “no comments,” followed by several fire emoji.

“Sheeeesh,” one follower joked.

One follower told Roser that she had a “beautiful waistline,” while another compared the model to a goddess.

“Hot and beautiful photo,” another admirer said.

In an interview with Women’s Health, the beauty said she worked out regularly four to five times a week. She said she was diagnosed with scoliosis when she was 14, so she had to build a workout regiment around that to keep herself in shape.

“I do a lot of cardio because that’s low-weight-bearing on my back,” she said, adding that lifting heavy weight was something she had to build up to.

Because she had to be careful with her back, she said most of her weightlifting included bodyweight exercises or light weights with high repetitions. She also said she enjoyed yoga and pilates.

The model said that when she first started training, she had agents tell her that she was starting to look a “bit strong for the fashion world.”

She admitted that she started to change her training only to realize that she was changing it for them.

“Now that I’m a bit older and I’ve really learnt about how my body works and when I feel the best, I’ve learnt to train just for myself. That’s my philosophy.”

Her philosophy definitely works, as her body looks incredible.

Fans wanting to keep up with Roser can follow her Instagram account.