Britney Spears, Queen Of Target: How She Reportedly Spends $400,000 A Year, Including 80 Store Visits

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Britney Spears and her legendary grocery store trips are back in the news. The “Toxic” singer may come with an A-lister status thanks to her 20 years in pop, but this is one star who never ditched her love of low-frills shopping trips. Britney may well be one of the most photographed celebrities in the world of grocery store parking lots, with a fresh report from The Blast detailing just how often Britney hits up Target.

The media outlet has obtained documents surrounding the 37-year-old’s 2018 income and expenditures. In terms of the cash coming in, things seemed pretty impressive: the star earned $2.5 million last year. Britney’s net worth is said to sit at $59 million.

The Blast outlined reported personal expenses that included $70,000 on travel, including a four-night stay at the Beverly Hills Montage that set Britney back $16,000. Also reported were an estimated 80 trips to retail giant Target, with frequent trips to Ralphs and Home Depot also documented. The Blast reported the singer to have spent $66,000 in one year on household expenses.

Britney also spent over $1 million in fees paid to her conservators and case management advisors, including father Jamie Spears.

Those following Britney’s social media will, of course, know that a recent expenditure also included a trip to Disneyland. Earlier this month, the mother of two took to Instagram with a rare photo of her sons Sean and Jayden enjoying some time at the entertainment destination.

When it comes to celebrity expenditures, fans might find themselves arguing that $400,000 a year is relatively low amid Hollywood’s high-earning faces. Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kylie Jenner is reported to have dropped $1.2 million a week on the superyacht she hired to ring in her 22nd birthday, per Refinery29. Actress Angelina Jolie and former husband Brad Pitt have made headlines in Forbes for spending an alleged $10 million a year on their kids.

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Britney may not have Kylie Jenner’s billionaire status or the wealth comprised of two Hollywood actors put together, but this star is more than comfortable. Regardless of her wealth, however, Britney remains relatively low on the glam front. The singer may update her social media from a California mansion, but the outfits she is photographed in are more Forever 21 than custom-made Armani.

Britney does mention shopping on her social media. The past month has seen the singer showcase cute outfits in selfie photos or videos, although once again, mentions of retail therapy came minus the designer name-drops.

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