Kim Kardashian Let North West ‘Style Herself,’ Instagram Isn’t Happy

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Kim Kardashian has caused a little upset. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star took to Instagram recently with a bit of a lookbook featuring 6-year-old daughter North West.

A string of photos showed North outfitted in an array of styles. They included hot pink pants and faux fur sandals, glitter and petal-encrusted fishnets, plus bold or casual ensembles that extended to tie-dye materials and a finish that didn’t always match. A gushing caption from Kim had dubbed her firstborn daughter a “fashionista” before confirming that the family’s recent travels to Japan had seen this child pick her own clothes.

The response appears to have been mixed. While celebrity faces giving Kim’s post the thumbs-up racked up likes – likely on account of their fame – other upvoted responses haven’t been so positive.

“No. Just no. Teach your child to match. Teach them to be normal humans because someday they’ll be without you… or a stylist. This is literally liberalism to the fullest,” one fan wrote with 440 others agreeing.

“You call that fashion? I call that I’m about 8 il chuck anything on idc” was a comment racking up over 340 likes.

A much-upvoted comment asked the KKW Beauty founder why she makes “fun” with North. The user then expressed pity for North before likening her outfit to that of a clown.

Elsewhere, fans seemed unsure whether North was quite ready to be taking the reins.

“I’m sorry but I think she needs help choosing her outfits. they look horrible,” a fan wrote with 88 others upvoting the comment.

Seeing North pick her own looks may have generated backlash on the style front, but Kim likewise faced criticism for appearing too focused on fashion. A popular comment acknowledged that freedom of expression is a good thing, but their words closed with negativity.

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“It’s unhealthy for a child of this age to think it’s all about how you look, clothes make you, gives you attention and praise,” they wrote.

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There’s no denying that North’s looks were offbeat. Then again, that same offbeat style landed North a full Vogue feature before she had reached the age of 4. North may not have reached the fashion icon status boasted by mother Kim, but it looks like this child is making headway. Kim has faced criticism before for the way North West is dressed, although this batch of feedback mostly seemed geared toward North being head stylist.

Of course, plenty of positive comments were left, with the update itself also proving popular. It currently sits at over 2.7 million likes.