United Airlines Passenger Allegedly Hid A Camera In 1st Class Lavatory, Malaysian Man Faces Voyeurism Charges

A United Airlines Boeing aircraft goes in for a landing
Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

United Airlines is making headlines once again, this time for lewd behavior by a passenger who allegedly put a video camera in a first class lavatory during a domestic flight. As the story trends on Bing, the Malaysian man who reportedly conducted that lawless deed was said to now be facing voyeurism charges, according to ABC 13.

United Airlines flight 646, flying between San Diego and Houston, was the scene of the reported crime. Court documents were filed on May 5 about the incident after a passenger on that flight bound for Texas saw a light intermittently going off and on in the airplane’s bathroom.

“Authorities say a first class passenger, who is also from Houston, told them she went to the bathroom at one point during the flight and noticed a device with a blue blinking light.”

After her discovery, the victim of this invasion of privacy via camcorder was said to have delivered the device she found to the flight crew. Then, their representative took the offending item directly to George Bush International Airport officials.

Documents were filed with filed in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas contains detailed information about the incident, according to USA Today on August 12.

“After viewing the information on the device, a male was caught on video installing the device in the first class lavatory of this particular flight.”

The document said officials neglected to identify the man’s face but they were able to ascertain who he was because of what he had been wearing.

Then, a video of boarding passengers in San Diego and one of those people who deplaned in Houston helped the FBI track down the man who appeared on the video. His name turned out to be Choon Ping Lee and he is “a Malaysian citizen who works for Halliburton, an oil field service company.”

Lee was officially charged on August 5.

This was reportedly not the first time this Asian man created an illegal video while flying from one place to another.

When the FBI recovered previously deleted files on Lee’s video camera, another lavatory on another plane was discovered.

“….at least two women/victims were caught on camera… the deleted files were of [a] Emirates Aircraft Lavatory.”

One woman who became a victim of this impropriety and perverse activity reportedly sported an Emirates flight crew uniform.

“The safety and security of our customers is our top priority,” United spokesperson Kimberly Gibbs told USA Today in a statement.

The airline said that as soon as their crew “was alerted of this issue,” their staff “acted quickly to notify the appropriate authorities.”

United Airlines promised to “fully cooperate and support this investigation.”