Farrah Abraham’s Sexy ‘Princess Ariel’ Pic Savagely Slammed By Her Own Fans

Bryan SteffyGetty Images

Farrah Abraham isn’t receiving the best feedback to her latest social media update. The former Teen Mom OG star took to Instagram earlier today with a Disney-inspired photo. The image showed the 28-year-old flaunting her curves in a sexy satin ensemble in pastel shades as she attempted to recreate The Little Mermaid‘s iconic Ariel character.

The photo of Farrah posing raunchily in a clamshell amid a backdrop mentioning the famous movie has been racking up comments since going live. While early responses proved positive, it looks like these have sunk to the bottom of the comments section. The mother-of-one is now finding herself slammed via every angle possible – followers of the star’s account will, however, know that Farrah seems to be an easy target for Instagram’s trolls.

Nonetheless, the comments formed a strong and negative pattern.

A popular comment took somewhat of a sour route, although it did have some legs to stand on.

“I feel like 90% of your life is taking photos and the other 10% is getting butt injections,” the user wrote.

The comment likely pertains to an Instagram update made by Farrah two days ago. It showed the star lying on her front in thong underwear as she received cosmetic butt injections.

Other fans seemed to be upset that Farrah hadn’t gotten her popular culture right. Fans told the star that she had messed up her outfit and resembled Snow White, although the prevailing negativity appeared geared towards Farrah’s overall image — the star is notoriously raunchy on social media with her topless or nude updates. Fans frequently voice disapproval over the fact that Farrah’s daughter, Sophia, follows her mother’s account.

Slamming remarks over Farrah’s outfit were made, although one of the most popular comments honed in on how Farrah is raising Sophia. The star has set her daughter up with a social media account.

“You try SO hard & just #fail. You’re scaring the normal people. Please stop. Let Sophia have the spotlight. Alone. Be proud of her. Don’t try to turn her into a money-making machine,” the fan wrote, with others upvoting the comment.

Multiple users also took to the comments section with mentions of Farrah’s plastic surgery – clearly, the glossy image posted wasn’t stopping them from noticing Farrah’s cosmetically-enhanced features.

“PLASTIC SURGERY FAIL,” one fan wrote.

“Plastic Plastic Plastic,” another added.

Farrah’s update today may have been slammed by her own fans, but it did rack up the likes — over 1,340 were clocked within five hours of the post going live.

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