‘General Hospital’ Tuesday Spoilers: Franco Breaks Elizabeth’s Heart As The Memory Transfer Rocks Port Charles

Craig SjodinABC

Fans were anxious to see what they would learn about Franco’s condition this week on General Hospital, and spoilers hint that this is going to shake things up in Port Charles in major ways. Toward the end of Monday’s show, it was revealed that the memory transfer had been successful, and the sneak peek for Tuesday detailed that viewers would learn more during the next episode.

Elizabeth, Drew, Kevin, and Laura were all anxiously waiting to see if Franco would regain consciousness. He did, but before long, it was detailed that he does have Drew’s memories. The sneak peek for Tuesday shares that Elizabeth will be left stunned and surely heartbroken as Franco tells her he has no idea who she is.

Not only will this revelation crush Elizabeth, but it will also surely tear Cameron apart as well. He was filled with anger and regret as he told Trina and Josslyn what he’d gone through, and when he learns that his stepfather has Drew’s memories, these difficult feelings will surely intensify further.

General Hospital spoilers tease that this situation will impact many Port Charles residents over the coming shows. Soap Central details that during Wednesday’s episode, Elizabeth will tell Franco everything she can, and he’ll surely feel overwhelmingly confused. Curtis is going to struggle with feelings of remorse, and Liz and Drew face additional shockers.

Teasers indicate that Monica will be trying to find Kim, and it’s possible this is related to Franco, too. Viewers watched as Kim and Julian started making arrangements to move to New York together as she feels she needs a fresh start.

Are Kim and Julian really leaving Port Charles for good? General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed much regarding how far this plan goes, and it seems doubtful that Julian will really leave town permanently.

Kim and Monica will connect during the week of August 19 and soon Franco will reach out to Kim, too. As The Inquisitr previously reported, big changes are ahead for Billy Miller’s Drew, and viewers will be interested to see if these changes end up being connected to this memory swap with Franco.

How far will this memory swap go? General Hospital spoilers had teased that Franco would be facing a medical crisis of some sort, but it would be hard to believe the writers would permanently wipe out his memory.

Supposedly, there is no way to reverse the memory swap. However, it would seem that the writers will find a way to make it happen, and this could give some other characters some juicy scenes to embrace. There should be significant developments coming soon, and General Hospital viewers will be curious to learn more.