Kelly Ripa Hits Jerry O’Connell’s New Talk Show With Lola Stories, Cool Dad Advice & Hosting Tips

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Kelly Ripa became the very first guest to appear on Jerry O’Connell’s new Fox talk show — aptly named the Jerry O’ Show.

When the segment began, the Live With Kelly and Ryan co-host immediately started helping her friend who often subbed for Ryan on Live. He admitted he was so nervous about this new gig that he “almost soiled” himself.

The veteran chat show host, who had helmed her show for 18 years, told him that was no problem. She told him he should “just wear a dark suit” and nobody will ever know his secret.

Her first bit of advice to her newest contemporary was addressed right off the proverbial bat.

“Be yourself… The reason you are having this opportunity is because you know how to do this. Don’t let anybody make you anything you are not. When in doubt, just take a deep breath. Otherwise, you are going to end up like me for 10 years where your voice… sounds like you have inhaled helium.”

Kelly admitted that high, silly voice happened because she had been very nervous back in the day. With that in mind, she appealed to Jerry to let loose and have fun.

Then, the lively guest pointed to the enthusiastic studio audience, calling them his “people” who are going to get him through the process.

“You know what helps a lot,” he quipped in return. “Alcohol before the show.”

At that point in the 12-minute segment, the talk turned to Kelly’s life. Jerry announced that her “gorgeous” daughter, Lola, had just graduated from high school.

The pair spoke about the hit Zendaya-starring show, Euphoria, which centers around serious drug-taking and kids having sex with all kinds of people all over the place, “like at carnivals,” while still in high school. Kelly said Lola and her friends love the show and she hopes they are not doing the things the characters on the HBO show are doing.

Regarding Lola’s prom, Jerry told Kelly her daughter looked great in her dress that had been custom made for her. Kelly then admitted that, behind her back, Lola had the sexy green creation altered.

Kelly quipped, referring to a Lola-approved picture of her dress, “The girls are fully on display. Everybody came down the stairs together — and I just mean Lola.”

Then the pair talked about their young kids campaigning to get cell phones. He told his guest that his 10-year-old twins were already asking for that privilege. She advised him to hold out as long as possible because their grades will go down as soon as the phones are in play for very specific reasons.

“The phone becomes the parent, the best friend, the social engagement. And now everyone’s self worth is tied up in the ‘Gram and the Snapchat… And they have apps I am sure are connected to the dark web…”

The fascinating chatter continued, with the two friends talking as if they were in his living room on a fun day when anything goes.

Kelly taught the host how to be a cool dad and she announced that Jerry was going to “free the nipple” and that she had caught and captured him “in the altogether.”

Then the witty blonde told the new talk show host’s audience, who couldn’t wait to hear more, that they were “welcome” for the bare host treat.

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